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Bulk insert data from file to elasticsearch (python)
Usage: python data.ndjson
import sys
import json
import logging
from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch
from elasticsearch.helpers import streaming_bulk
# =======================
# Configuration start
es_hosts = [
es_api_user = 'elastic'
es_api_password = 'changeme'
index_name = 'my_index'
chunk_size = 10000
errors_before_interrupt = 5
refresh_index_after_insert = False
max_insert_retries = 3
yield_ok = False # if set to False will skip successful documents in the output
# Configuration end
# =======================
filename = sys.argv[1]'Importing data from {}'.format(filename))
es = Elasticsearch(
http_auth=(es_api_user, es_api_password),
sniff_on_start=True, # sniff before doing anything
sniff_on_connection_fail=True, # refresh nodes after a node fails to respond
sniffer_timeout=60, # and also every 60 seconds
retry_on_timeout=True, # should timeout trigger a retry on different node?
def data_generator():
f = open(filename)
for line in f:
yield {**json.loads(line), **{
"_index": index_name,
errors_count = 0
for ok, result in streaming_bulk(es, data_generator(), chunk_size=chunk_size, refresh=refresh_index_after_insert,
max_retries=max_insert_retries, yield_ok=yield_ok):
if ok is not True:
logging.error('Failed to import data')
errors_count += 1
if errors_count == errors_before_interrupt:
logging.fatal('Too many import errors, exiting with error code')
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