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DemoDS: ReverseGeocodeAndroid.cs
using System.Linq;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Android.Locations;
using Xamarin.Forms;
using DemoDS.Models;
using DemoDS.Interfaces;
[assembly: Dependency(typeof(DemoDS.Droid.Dependency.ReverseGeocodeAndroid))]
namespace DemoDS.Droid.Dependency
public class ReverseGeocodeAndroid : IReverseGeocode
public async Task<LocationAddress> GetLocationAddress(double latitude, double longitude)
var geoCoder = new Geocoder(Android.App.Application.Context);
var addresses = await geoCoder.GetFromLocationAsync(latitude, longitude, 1);
if (addresses.Any())
var address = addresses.First();
var location = new LocationAddress()
Name = address.FeatureName,
City = address.Locality,
Province = address.AdminArea,
ZipCode = address.PostalCode,
Country = $"{address.CountryName} ({address.CountryCode})",
Address = address.MaxAddressLineIndex > 0 ? address.GetAddressLine(0) : string.Empty
return location;
return null;
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