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Created Oct 8, 2015

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# Kibana is served by a back end server. This controls which port to use.
port: 5602
# The host to bind the server to.
host: ""
# The Elasticsearch instance to use for all your queries.
elasticsearch_url: ''
# preserve_elasticsearch_host true will send the hostname specified in `elasticsearch`. If you set it to false,
# then the host you use to connect to *this* Kibana instance will be sent.
elasticsearch_preserve_host: true
# Kibana uses an index in Elasticsearch to store saved searches, visualizations
# and dashboards. It will create a new index if it doesn't already exist.
kibana_index: ".kibana-custom"
# If your Elasticsearch is protected with basic auth, this is the user credentials
# used by the Kibana server to perform maintence on the kibana_index at statup. Your Kibana
# users will still need to authenticate with Elasticsearch (which is proxied thorugh
# the Kibana server)
# kibana_elasticsearch_username: user
# kibana_elasticsearch_password: pass
# If your Elasticsearch requires client certificate and key
# kibana_elasticsearch_client_crt: /path/to/your/client.crt
# kibana_elasticsearch_client_key: /path/to/your/client.key
# If you need to provide a CA certificate for your Elasticsarech instance, put
# the path of the pem file here.
# ca: /path/to/your/CA.pem
# The default application to load.
default_app_id: "discover"
# Time in milliseconds to wait for elasticsearch to respond to pings, defaults to
# request_timeout setting
# ping_timeout: 1500
# Time in milliseconds to wait for responses from the back end or elasticsearch.
# This must be > 0
request_timeout: 300000
# Time in milliseconds for Elasticsearch to wait for responses from shards.
# Set to 0 to disable.
shard_timeout: 0
# Time in milliseconds to wait for Elasticsearch at Kibana startup before retrying
# startup_timeout: 5000
# Set to false to have a complete disregard for the validity of the SSL
# certificate.
verify_ssl: true
# SSL for outgoing requests from the Kibana Server (PEM formatted)
# ssl_key_file: /path/to/your/server.key
# ssl_cert_file: /path/to/your/server.crt
# Set the path to where you would like the process id file to be created.
# pid_file: /var/run/
# If you would like to send the log output to a file you can set the path below.
# This will also turn off the STDOUT log output.
# log_file: ./kibana.log
# Plugins that are included in the build, and no longer found in the plugins/ folder
- plugins/dashboard/index
- plugins/discover/index
- plugins/doc/index
- plugins/kibana/index
- plugins/markdown_vis/index
- plugins/metric_vis/index
- plugins/settings/index
- plugins/table_vis/index
- plugins/vis_types/index
- plugins/visualize/index
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