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Created Jan 29, 2015

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Docker 1.5.0-rc2 changelog
$ git log --no-merges --pretty="%cn|%s" v1.4.1..v1.5.0-rc2 | sort | awk -F '|' '$1==x{ printf "\n %s", $2; next }{ x=$1; printf "\n\n%s\n %s", $1, $2;} END { printf "\n"}' | tail -n +3
AJ Bowen
Add Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin to the names generator.
Add Laura Poitras to the names generator.
Aaron Huslage
Remove -t="" and -m="". Make -t and -m options consistent with help text and other documentation.
Abin Shahab
LXC needs stdin for container to remain up
use to ensure proc and sys are readonly
Alexander Morozov
Calming vet about type aliases from other package
Fix done messages and error message for ipc tests
Fix format calls as suggested by vet
Fix missing logDone for TestRunMutableNetworkFiles
Fix vet error about passing Mutex by value
Fix vet errors about formatting directives
Fix vet errors about json tags for unexported fields
Fix vet errors about unkeyed fields
Fix vet errors in aufs.go about Lock by value
Fixed minor typo
More graceful stop for testing daemon
Rewrite TestRunMutableNetworkFiles to avoid races
Rewrite TestRunNetHost to compare namespaces
Test for updating linked hosts on restart
Update libcontainer to 1597c68f7b941fd97881155d7f077852e2914e7b
Update links aliases, not name on restart
Alexandr Morozov
Don't try release network in non-private modes
Fix race condition between parseSecurityOpt and container.Mount
Fix race in TestDaemonRestartWithVolumesRefs
Remove TestRunErrorBindNonExistingSource
Remove TestRunExitOnStdinClose
Test for host networking
Test for issue #9699
Test for restarting count
Update libcontainer to 0f397d4e145fb4053792d42b3424dd2143fb23ad
Anders Janmyr
Add ProxyFromEnvironment enables client via proxy.
Andreas Köhler
Fix order of pause and port in command line documentation.
Andrew Clay Shafer
remove redundant 'Get' for MacAddress
Andrii Melnykov
FsMagic should avoid sign extension on i686
Ankush Agarwal
Fix names-generator comment about name generation
Typo creating -> created
Typo image -> container
Arnaud Porterie
Add bash completions for daemon flags, simplify with extglob
Add completion for stats.
Add documentation for HTTP proxies
Add file path to errors loading the key file
Add support file name with whitespace for ADD and COPY command
Add the registry mirror document to the menu
Adds docs for /containers/(id)/attach/ws api endpoint
Allocate daemon listening ports
Allow empty layer configs in manifests
Always store images with tarsum.v1 checksum added
Better error messaging and logging for v2 registry requests
Buffer tar file on v2 push
Bump to version v1.5.0
Change to load the json.gz file
Do not return err on symlink eval
Enable test-integration-cli for Windows platform
Fix a minor typo
Fix bind-mounts only partially removed
Fix bridge initialization for IPv6 if IPv4-only docker0 exists
Fix cli echoing container ID on start -a
Fix inconsistent formatting
Fix indentation
Fix missing err assignment in bridge creation
Fix premature close of build output on pull
Fixes apparmor regression Signed-off-by: Abin Shahab <> (github: ashahab-altiscale) Docker-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Abin Shahab <> (github: ashahab-altiscale)
Make debugs logs suck less.
Open up v2 http status code checks for put and head checks
Remove omitempty json tags from stucts
Remove windows from the list of supported platforms
Revert doc changes from #9652
Revert progressreader to not defer close
Split API Version header when checking for v2
Support whitespaces in ADD and COPY continued
Suppress output of TestLoginWithoutTTY
Take DOCKER_TEST_HOST into account
Test case for error code when exiting on OOM
Update .deb version numbers to be more sane
Update fish completion for 1.5.0
Upgrade libcontainer to 1d3b2589d734dc94a1719a3af4
Use filepath instead of path
Use layer checksum if calculated during manifest creation
as we're not using the search suggestion feature only load the search_content when we have a search ?q= param
doc: Editorial changes as suggested by @fredlf
doc: Improve article on HTTPS
doc: Minor semantical/editorial fixes in HTTPS article
docs: compress search_content.json for release
docs: fix a typo in docker-build man page
docs: remove NAT rule when removing bridge
docs: shrink sprites-small_360.png
document the ExtraHosts parameter for /containers/create for the remote API
fix /etc/host typo in remote API docs
fix typo 'setup/set up'
integration-cli: wait for container before sending ^D
pkg/archive: remove tar autodetection log line
set the content-type for the search_content.json.gz
start docker before checking for updated NAT rule
tell users they can what IP range Hub webhooks can come from so they can filter
Barnaby Gray
Update fish shell completions.
Brian Goff
Fix call to nil stat
Fix racey TestAttachAfterDetach
Fix volume ref restore process
Fix volumes-from re-applying on each start
Fix volumes-from/bind-mounts passed in on start
Make .dockercfg with json.MarshallIndent
Refactor daemon.attach()
Update API docs to reflect correct values for /info
Use waitgroup instead of iterating errors chan
Bruno Gazzera
There was a missing command to re-run the web container.
Daehyeok Mun
Add exec event create/start log added exec event log follwing issue #8662 proposal. logging events for exec create and start API
Add list of events in remote API docs Add exec create and exec start to list of events in remote API docs
Add warnning log when other graphdrvier(storage driver) used before added warnning log when other graphdrvier(storage driver) used before for feature request #8270
Dan Walsh
Fix docker run/exec/create not printing error messages
docker-run man page has screwed up indenting on --net option
Daniel, Dao Quang Minh
add a test case for EXPOSE ports order
add binary extension to docker binary in tgz
add test for exposing large number of ports
expose sorts its ports before saving as comment tgz should handle windows binary
speed up creation of args and msg for huge cmds
test that execin cgroups match container cgroups
use cached images instead of fetching the same image again
David Röthlisberger
upstart: Don't emit "started" event until docker.sock is available
Dawn Chen
Using container-vm image alias instead of specific name with version.
Derek Che
change to lazy Unmount
Derek McGowan
Add TODO lines for windows
Add Tarsum Calculation during v2 Pull operation
Add key migration integration test
Add key migration to daemon
Add some push test coverage
Add token cache
Add trust key creation on client
Adds support for v2 registry login
Allow private V2 registry endpoints
Cleanup v2 session to require endpoint
Correctly check and propagate errors in v2 session
Fix daemon key file location
Fix failing integration tests
Fix integration test failures
Fix list tags
Fix nits and defers
Fix tests
Get token on each request
Install registry V2 in image
Push flow
Refactor from feedback
Refactor push and pull to move code out of cmd function
Registry V2 HTTP route and error code definitions
RegistryV2 datastructure for tests
Remove dependencies on registry packages
Remove session backup
Test pulling image with aliases
Tests for push to registry v2
Update manifest format for push
Update push and pull to registry 2.1 specification
Update push to sign with the daemon's key when no manifest is given
Update push to use mount blob endpoint
Update token response handling
Use tarsum dev version to fix mtime issue
Don Kjer
Adding workaround to suppress gofmt issues with api/client/utils.go
Deprecating ResolveRepositoryName
Fixing ValidateTagName error message
Moving NewIndexInfo, NewRepositoryInfo and associated helpers into config.go
Doug Davis
Add the list of possible values for --log-level to help text
Allow for Dockerfile to be named something else. Add a check to make sure Dockerfile is in the build context Add docs and a testcase Make -f relative to current dir, not build context
Allow for relative paths on ADD/COPY
Docker run -e FOO should erase FOO if FOO isn't set in client env
Have .dockerignore support Dockerfile/.dockerignore
Make API docs v1.17 visible
Make README point to other critical docker++ projects
Make sure that ADD/COPY still populate the cache even if they don't use it
Modify MAINTAINERS per erikh's suggestion
Move docs on the build API out of 'misc' and under 'Images' section
Wrap strings that could look like ints in quotes
Eric Windisch
Improve security doc
Erik Hollensbe
Fix a parser error where an empty RUN statement would cause a panic
Evan Carmi
Update syntax/vim README with Vundle instructions
Evgeny Vereshchagin
Update Ubuntu image tag to 14.04
Fred Lifton
Additions for 1.4.1 release
Adds User Invites to Hub Docs
Adds new section for Known Issues to Release Notes.
Corrects link to point to Fig.
Fixed errors in release notes
Harald Albers
Add missing options to bash completion
Refactor completion for docker run and docker create
Sort options in bash completion alphabetically
docs: update docker inspect part of docs
log: Add restart policy name to the inspect information of container
restart: Fix an error about arguments missing
restart: Fix the compare of restart policy
restart: add test for recording restart policy name
Ian Babrou
Not doing extra assertion for io.Closer
removed unused compression arg in Graph.TempLayerArchive()
Ian Bishop
Create DOCKER forward chain on driver init
Create tests for pkg/iptables
Move per-container forward rules to DOCKER chain
Tidy driver.go/LinkContainers
Update with new iptables behaviour
Fixed two misspellings.
Jean-Tiare Le Bigot
Set HTTP upgrade header only when requested by client
Set HTTP upgrade headers when hijacking connection
Update connection hijacking documentation with HTTP Upgrade Headers
start new API v1.17 docs
Jessica Frazelle
Add Aaron Swartz to the names generator.
Add Jenkins Build Status
Add apparmor
Add build constraint.
Add docker-py tests to drone.
Add docs for `--memory-swap`.
Add error when running overlay over btrfs.
Add link to master docs.
Add master builds url to readme.
Add plus to build
Add reference to rename endpoint in correct version & add to new
Add test for non local mac address.
Add test for pull verified
Add windows back.
Change some instances of this mistake in the documentation as well.
Change the wording of image verification warning.
Change url of robots.txt test to
Change version to 1.4.0-dev
Cleanup unnecessary var.
Error should show when trying to start a paused container.
Fix conflicts.
Fix range for go 1.3
Fix tabs in project/
I don't know how this happened, repeated word typo.
Include fred's release notes for 1.4.0.
Install lxc from source.
Renaming a container with an invalid name should fail
Return usage on parseExec error.
Revert "Add proper "netgo" compiling, thanks to rsc ♥"
Update docs release script so we can have autodeploys to
Update graphtest so when overlay is tried over a non-supported backing filesystem it will skip.
Update the LXC version to 1.0.7 in
Updates to release checklist.
Use the official mime type that exists instead of an imaginary one that does not.
Warn about tech preview of checksums.
`docker ps --filter exited=status` should not show running containers
`docker ps --filter status=exited should not require passing -a`
ignore vfs from warning
Joffrey F
Bumped docker-py version to latest release
Johan Euphrosine
api/server: commenting proppy from maintainer
Josh Hawn
Adds Docker Image v1 Spec Documention
Make `FROM scratch` a special cased 'no-base' spec
Refactor to optimize storage driver ApplyDiff()
Resolve ambiguity on registry v2 ping
Update Dockerfile to use Godeps for distribution
Kamil Domanski
Add available filters for containers, images and events to API docs.
Add container list filtering to API docs.
Kevin Yap
Add missing italics to list items in README
Lei Jitang
Add --link accept container ID
Add tests for --link
Update the docs for --link accept container id
Liang-Chi Hsieh
Fix incorrect error type.
Fix typo.
Lorenz Leutgeb
doc: Broaden JSON standardisation by patching
doc: Do not encrypt private keys
doc: Fix curl invocation
doc: Let OpenSSL handle serial file
doc: Spice up generated CA
doc: Try to standardise JSON examples
Luis Martínez de Bartolomé Izquierdo
Add c++ client library
Malte Janduda
Adding IPv6 network support to docker
IPv6 docs: The ARP cache is called NDP neighbor cache in IPv6
Remove BridgeIP from ipallocation pool
Mary Anthony
Argghhh...I need to automate that signoff. Fixing lack of signoff
Clarify Mac OS X experience. Signed-off-by: Mary Anthony <>
Updating per PR comment Signed-off-by: Mary Anthony <>
Updating per PR comments Signed-off-by: Mary Anthony <>
Matthew Riley
Allow hyphens in namespaces.
Michael Crosby
Add --readonly for read only container rootfs
Add docker-py integration tests aginst the docker daemon
Add documentation for stats feature
Add pubsub package to handle robust publisher
Add test for --pid=host
Add test to enforce volume build content
Allow the container to share the PID namespace with the host
Chnage LookupRemoteImage to return error This commit is patch for following comment // TODO: This method should return the errors instead of masking them and returning false
Evict stopped containers
Exit cli when all containers when no more containers to monitor
Implement client side display for stats
Implement container stats collection in daemon
Improve robustness of /stats api test
Minor copy edits and updates to README. Added CTA for keeping the projects list current.
Refactor cli for stats
Refactor usage calc for CPU and system usage
Remove error return from check graph driver func
Remove publisher if no one is listening
Replace custom waiting code with a WaitGroup
Revises link to point to Fig
Run the remote image presence checks in parallel
Specify ENV variables are also used for CMD.
Update libcontainer to 6460fd79667466d2d9ec03f77f3
Update libcontainer to be02944484da197166020d6b3f0
Update lxc with libcontainer SetupUser change
Update to docker stats documentation
Update to libcontainer eb74393a3d2daeafbef4f5f27c0
Use channels and set workers to make image lookup safe
Zero out stats values in the cli
Michal Minar
--help option and help command should print to stdout not stderr
Amended TestExecParseError test
Exit with non-zero code on first argument parsing error
Fixed error reporting
Handle bad options better
Remove TestUsage, since Usage will no longer be shown on failure to parse
refactor redundant code around calls to cmd.Parse
Nate Eagleson
Grammar fix and style tweak in docs/sources/
Nathan Hsieh
added note to man & cli docs on search limit
changed format of cli note
updated docs with information regarding search pagination
updated search api docs to include pagination changes
Neal McBurnett
Fixes #9555: sudo not needed with cert authn
Update License year to range 2013-2015
Paul Nasrat
Update release checklist to include announce mail.
Pavel Lobashov
fix link to introducion on 'Working with Docker Images' page
Peter Waller
Improve message when pushing a non-existent image
Phil Estes
Add "OOM killed" event based on OOM state information
Add backing filesystem info to `docker info` command where applicable Fixes #9960
Add Docker-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Tianon Gravi <>
Clean up localhost resolv logic and add IPv6 support to regexp
Move iptables check out of runtime init() to separate function
Properly handle containers which pre-date the resolv.conf update feature
Update Ubuntu install instructions regarding dated Ubuntu
Update container resolv.conf when host network changes /etc/resolv.conf
Pierre Wacrenier
Remove error return type from createRouter and ServeRequest
Remove unused function from vfs storage driver
Qiang Huang
add support to set MemorySwap
correct the flag comments
registry: fix minor type
Rémy Greinhofer
Report number of times that docker has auto-restarted a container
Sebastiaan van Stijn
Docs: Add note that export doesn't include volume data.
Document that ENV vars are not automatically updated
Fix typo in deprecation message.
Fix typo in error-message.
Mention "or rename" again in error-message.
Shishir Mahajan
Implementation of docker load command: Untarr the incoming tar stream directly into /var/lib/docker/tmp without creating the tar ball
Srini Brahmaroutu
Env Variables created for each of the ports in addition to env variables for port ranges, regression from #1834 Closes #9900 Signed-off-by: Srini Brahmaroutu <>
Error should be 409 as the container is different state to remove
Fix to avoid a compile error due to float to int truncation with GCCGO
add ability to publish range of ports Closes #8899 Signed-off-by: Srini Brahmaroutu <>
rename a existing container Closes #3036
Stephen J Day
Ensure that progress reader is closed after usage
Fix write after close on http response
Sven Dowideit
Add @ArikaChen's tip for using HTTPS proxy to pull
Add a containerised test for the https cert doc
Add a note that remote and Boot2Docker users should not type sudo
Add a note to point out to new users that B2D bind-mounts are special-ish
Add build --pull and evenets --filter flags to the docs for 1.4
Add docs Cloudfront cache invalidation
An initial quick import of documentation from Compose, Machine and Swarm
Centos project does not support custom kernels - see #9696
Changing the windows installation doc to include instructions how to login using putty instead of CMD
Debian Wheezy backports kernel updated to 3.16
Document that there is a delay before the --restart policy restart, and that its double the last one
Explicitly mention that '-P' maps to random ports
Give maintainers the power to add contributor's DCO to a commit message, or to use their own if its a trvial change
Remove DCO small patch exception
Remove small patch exception checking in hack/make/validate-dco
Talk up the 1.4 change to initialise volumes at time
Update Debian version to 7.7
Update the documentation for #9356 fix
add Scott's link checker script, and fix what it finds
fixes as requested
redirect openSUSE docs to SUSE doc
Improve networking documentation with default mac address range since we can control it with --mac-address.
Rewritten as the requested SvenDowideit
Tatsushi Inagaki
Fix to avoid a compilation error of size_test.go with GCCGO due to float to int truncation
Fix to avoid a compile error due to float to int truncation with GCCGO
Revert "Fix to avoid a compile error due to float to int truncation with GCCGO"
Tianon Gravi
Add "gofmt" from Go 1.3.3
Add descriptions for bell, lumiere, morse, nobel, ptolemy, and wright
Add initial new IRC administration cheat sheet of sorts
Add proper "netgo" compiling, thanks to rsc ♥
Adjust Dockerfile style to be more consistent
Adjust builder to validate that JSON in Dockerfiles are arrays of strings and nothing else to match how we describe them to people (and what all our existing tests already assumed)
Clarify preferred btrfs-progs dependency and fix some minor inconsistencies
Fix "-X" 6l usage ("define string data")
Fix a bashism and some minor bugs in
Fix a few minor issues with building/running inside msysGit
Fix silly little syntax mistake
Fix tgz for Windows binaries
Let's try fixing "netgo" again
Properly fix "daemon kill" on test failure
Refactor Dockerfile version number usage
Remove /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01autoremove-kernels in mkimage/debootstrap
Simplify builder TestTestData slightly by using ioutil.ReadFile instead of os.Open+ioutil.ReadAll
Simplify builder ast.Dump by using strconv.Quote instead of a custom QuoteString function (the only change to existing files is literal tabs becoming \t, but future files may use nonprintable characters and the like now)
Switch docker-py clone to use an explicit commit for natural cache-busting
Switch names-generator arrays to be long-form
Tweak test-docker-py feature
Update TestBuildWithTabs to allow for the "\t"-equivalent "\u0009" (for Go 1.3 support)
Tibor Vass
Fix a panic where RUN [] would be supplied.
builder: use len() > 0 instead of != nil
integration-cli: Fix race in restart loop
registry: add tests for unresolvable domain names in isSecure
registry: handle unresolvable domain names in isSecure to allow HTTP proxies to work as expected.
registry: remove accidentally added --insecure-registry feature
Tomasz Nurkiewicz
Stefan Banach in names-generator
Tonis Tiigi
Fix attach stream closing issues
Fix filenames for unix only integration-cli tests
Victor Vieux
add ExecIDs in inspect
add docs
add test
bump API version
don't restrict filters in docker images
fix issue with goimport
move test to the daemon
update copyrights to 2015
Vincent Batts
CONTRIBUTING: provide a template for new issues
contrib/systemd: mount namespace and subtree flags
contrib/sysvinit-redhat: unshare mount namespace
devicemapper: debug output specifics
devicemapper: define device-mapper log levels
devicemapper: define the fallback flag
devicemapper: dm_udev_get_sync_support
devmapper: initialize log levels
devmapper: remove newline string
devmapper: show device and loop file , if used
devmapper: some explination of `docker info`
devmapper: udev sync in `docker info`
devmapper: udev sync on init
graphdriver: change (*Driver).Put signature
issue report script
Yongzhi Pan
Add usage of port mapping for Boot2docker.
Zoltan Tombol
Delete man pages of installed packages in
Fix #9462
Revise list of installed packages in
Fix TestBuildWithTabs for go 1.4
Reinstall standard library with netgo
bump Go to 1.4
bump go to 1.4.1
kr/pty: vendor upstream 05017fcccf
pkg/graphdb: use transactions for transactions
pkg/tarsum: delete the logging code
pkg/units: fix size_test.go compilation
Improve error message for conflicting container name.
Álex González
Log when truncindex.Get returns >1 container
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