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Moment 2.9.0 changelog

moment 2.9.0 changelog

new languages

  • 2104 Frisian (fy) language file with unit test
  • 2097 add ar-tn locale


  • 2074 Implement moment.fn.utcOffset, deprecate

new features

  • 2088 add moment.fn.isBetween
  • 2054 Call updateOffset when creating moment (needed for default timezone in moment-timezone)
  • 1893 Add moment.isDate method
  • 1825 Implement toJSON function on Duration
  • 1809 Allowing moment.set() to accept a hash of units
  • 2128 Add firstDayOfWeek, firstDayOfYear locale getters
  • 2131 Add quarter diff support

core bugfixes

  • 2117 Add globalScope hack to more reliably distinguish Node vs browser
  • 2111 Create valid duration object when null is passed to moment.duration()
  • 2133 Reimplement month diff logic

lang bugfixes

  • 2090 Add a special case for years in Hebrew locale
  • 1950 Fix parsing of meridiem in locales that have meridiem


  • 2059, 2062, 2073 Add meteor packaging support
  • 2098 Add nuget publishing support
  • 2066 Uniform package description across Bower, Npmjs etc.
  • 1963 Use anonymous module when exporting via AMD
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