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moment 2.15.0 changelog

moment 2.15.0 changelog

  • Released Sept 12, 2016

New Locales

  • #3255 [new locale] mi: Maori language
  • #3267 [new locale] ar-ly: Arabic (Libya) locale
  • #3333 [new locale] zh-hk: Chinese (Hong Kong) locale


  • #3276 [bugfix] duration: parser: Support ms durations in .NET syntax
  • #3312 [bugfix] locales: Enable locale-data getters without moment (fixes #3284)
  • #3381 [bugfix] parsing: Fix parseZone without timezone in string, fixes #3083
  • #3383 [bugfix] toJSON: Fix isValid so that toJSON works after a moment is frozen
  • #3427 [bugfix] ie8: Fix IE8 (regression in 2.14.x)

Locale Improvements

  • #3259 [locale] nl: Parse Dutch abbreviated month name without dot
  • #3310 [locale] bn: Better month and weekday names
  • #3317 [locale] ss: Fix siSwati locale name in comment
  • #3326 [locale] jv: Fix full locale name -- Japanese to JaVanese
  • #3356 [locale] bs hr me sl sr sr-cyrl: Change 'DD. MM. YYYY' to 'DD.MM.YYYY' in L
  • #3396 [locale] gl: Improve month, weekday names, datetime formats, doy
  • #3398 [locale] th: Shorten LT and LTS formats


  • #3299 [pkg] npm: Do not include .npmignore in npm package
  • #3273 [pkg] jspm: Include moment.d.ts file in package
  • #3344 [pkg] exports: use module.require for nodejs


  • #3339 [tests] Test creation of moment with format and undefined input
  • #3372 [misc] benchmarks: Add add, subtract, endOf, query benchmarks
  • #3388 [misc] ISO deprecation clarification and better deprecation trace
  • #3322 [misc] Updated Changelog to add release dates
  • #3282 [misc] typescript: Ensure moment.d.ts is tested for syntax
  • #3303 [misc] typescript: Add 'date' to UnitOfTime
  • #3316 [misc] typescript: Add moment().creationData() declaration
  • #3323 [misc] typescript: refactor constructor and ISO format hack
  • #3345 [misc] typescript: Add isoWeekdays(str), locales, defaultFormatUtc
  • #3055 [misc] locales script
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