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moment 2.16.0 changelog

moment 2.16.0 changelog

  • Released Nov 9, 2016


  • #3530 [feature] Check whether input is date before checking if format is array
  • #3515 [feature] Fix #2300: Default to current week.


  • #3546 [bugfix] Implement lazy-loading of child locales with missing prents
  • #3523 [bugfix] parseZone should handle UTC
  • #3502 [bugfix] Fix #3500: ISO 8601 parsing should match the full string, not the beginning of the string.
  • #3581 [bugfix] Fix parseZone, redo #3504, fix #3463

New Locales

  • #3416 [new locale] nl-be: Dutch (Belgium) locale
  • #3393 [new locale] ar-dz: Arabic (Algeria) locale
  • #3342 [new locale] tet: Tetun Dili (East Timor) locale

Locale Improvements

  • #3366 [locale] pl: Update weekday short strings
  • #3429 [locale] hu: Change week year start to ISO
  • #3498 [locale] tl-ph: Update calendar strings
  • #3543 [locale] ar-sa: Change start of week from Saturday to Sunday

Other Changes (that do not affect users much)

  • #3567 [build] Drop 0.10 environment from .travis.yml
  • #3545 [build] Use rollup and babel instead of esperanto for transpiling
  • #3573 [build] Remove babel from rollup+babel combo to speed up build
  • #3538 [pkg] Publish Meteor package from meteor directory to fix #3531
  • #3490 [misc] typescript: Fix all outstanding TypeScript issues
  • #3448 [misc] Add and typing-tests to bower ignores
  • #3231 [misc] Add moment.inspect() for friendly console output
  • #3570 [misc] Avoid boolean type check
  • #3571 [misc] Introduce isNumber function
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