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Last active April 12, 2022 03:15
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# moment 2.29.2 changelog
This is security update, adressing
Locales with names containing forward slash `/` and backward slash `\\` are no
longer loaded from filesystem (they can still be used in locales which are
defined on the spot).
This might break your code, if you happen to package your own locales in
a folder, relative to the moment locales, for example `locales/mine/xx.js`, and
load via `moment.locale('mine/xx')`. If that is the case manually require the
file to register the locale and then just switch to it via `.locale('xx')`.
## Other changes
* [misc] Fix indentation (according to prettier)
* [test] Avoid hours around DST
* [locale] ar-ly: fix locale name (#5828)
* [misc] fix builds [#3836](
* [misc] Specify length of toArray return type [#5766](
* [locale] tr: update translation of Monday and Saturday [#5756](
* [misc] fix lint issues [5762](
* [misc] optimize for loops [5744](
* [bugfix] add standalone and format to "cs" locale [5749](
* [locale] Fix Serbian locale (sr, sr-cyrl) [5742](
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