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Changes in moment 2.3.0

What is new to moment 2.3.0 (relative to 2.2.1)

ATTENTION (may break code) isValid reworked

#1140, #913

Completely new model for computing whether a moment is valid or not. Also added parsing flags to allow checking specific issues during parsing.

.format() now returns Ivalid Date for invalid moments. Read #1140 for more details.

Also added strick mode parsing, which is intolerant to all deviations from the format. #913

ATTENTION (may break code) toString always prints in English


toString should only be used for development/debugging purposes. If you want a long format in a particular language use .format('LLLL') instead.

ATTENTION (may break code) stricter iso parsing


Iso format will be used only if string doesn't have extra characters after format.

new languages

  • Australian English (en-au)
  • Bosnian (bs)
  • Uzbek (uz)
  • Lithuanian (lt)
  • Vietnamese (vn)

parse weekdays, week numbers and week years


Creating moments from string and format now supports weekday, week, week-year, and the iso variant. The week tokens interpretation only kicks in if neither month nor date-of-month are present in the tokens to prevent conflicting information coming from different tokens.

Parsing tokens:

  • e weekday
  • d, dd, ddd, dddd locale weekday, for example 'Monday'
  • E iso weekday
  • w week
  • W iso week
  • gg, gggg, ggggg week year
  • GG, GGGG, GGGGG iso week year

Smart language picker

#1142 fixes #1108 and #1109.

The .lang function accepts an array of languages and tries less specific variants too. Intended to be used with browser provided language preferences.

Added iso duration parsing


Duration objects can be created using an iso duration string like P2MT3H.

Added parseZone

#1106 fixes #887.

Change moment's timezone based on the input string

minor improvements

  • Language modules now return the language code #1146, #1147
  • Support for creating invalid moments. #1098 fixes #716
  • When using AMD tell moment not to export it as a global variable #1098
  • More precise array-of-formats parsing #1094


  • long strings won't confuse array-of-formats creation. #1143 fixed by #1164
  • formatting strings can contain newlines. #1151 fixed by #1158
  • fixed weird bug Prototype.js monkey patching Array. #1159, [2ccdbc0]
  • bg now uses 24H format #1157 fixes #1148
  • renamed language bundles from moment+langs to moment_with_langs to avoid issue with IIS, #1138 fixes #1118
  • updated hungarian translation #1137
  • IE < 9 work again after addition of extend() function #1115 fixes #1114
  • weekday now works on utc moments properly #1110
  • fixed isValid for unix format token #1086 fixes #1075
  • AM/PM for russian and ukranian #1072
  • fixes in russian, ukranian week names #1082
  • decapitalize dutch today/tomorrow/yesterday #1093 fixes #919
  • added proper am/pm for chineese #1056
  • fixed bug in node repl #1091 fixes #1084
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