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How to compile for ARMv6 and ARM64
cd /Applications/
mv libclang_rt.ios.a libclang_rt.ios-7.0.a
lipo -thin armv6 -output libclang_rt.ios-5.1.a /Applications/
lipo -create -output libclang_rt.ios.a libclang_rt.ios-5.1.a libclang_rt.ios-7.0.a
cd /Applications/
mv dylib1.o dylib1-7.0.o
lipo -thin armv6 -output dylib1-5.1.o /Applications/
lipo -create -output dylib1.o dylib1-5.1.o dylib1-7.0.o
mv crt1.o crt1-7.0.o
lipo -thin armv6 -output crt1-5.1.o /Applications/
lipo -create -output crt1.o crt1-5.1.o crt1-7.0.o
echo "Done."
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