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A list of all the Artificial Intelligence computers shown in movies


Movies that this gist has associations with :-

  1. I, Robot
  2. Eagle Eye
  3. Oblivion

1. VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence) :- I, Robot (2004)

Inside the Headquarters of US Robotics, A data line runs all along the building. This is directly linked with the main brain of the building. This brain is VIKI.

2. ARIIA (Autonomous Reconnaissance Intelligence Integration Analyst) :- Eagle Eye (2008)

ARIIA recommends that a mission be aborted in Afghanistan, but the present President overrides her decision and then, it turns out that innocents are killed because of this decision. ARIIA is pissed off, and she makes an elaborate plan for killing the present President and then, put the one guy inside the mission control who accepts her decision and fights for it as the president. How she is stopped is the story of this awesome movie!

3. Tet :- Oblivion (2013)

A tetrahedron shaped object in space which apparently houses human beings, who are the mission control for the Hydro Energy Rigs on Earth and manages all the drone maintenance and hydro rig maintenance teams on the Planet. It is seen as the gateway of the people who are staying on Titan, which is one of the moons of Saturn. The shocking revelations about Tet and the way it comes into place goes on and shows that it is actually a machine.

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