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Workaround for iOS7 bug where UITableViewCell background in editing mode, covers up the Delete button.
- (void)layoutSubviews {
[super layoutSubviews];
[self applyEditingModeBackgroundViewPositionCorrections];
When using a backgroundView or selectedBackgroundView on a custom UITableViewCell
subclass, iOS7 currently
has a bug where tapping the Delete access control reveals the Delete button, only to have
the background cover it up again! Radar 14940393 has been filed for this. Until solved,
use this method in your Table Cell's layoutSubviews
to correct the behavior.
This solution courtesy of cyphers72 on the Apple Developer Forum, who posted the
working solution here:
- (void)applyEditingModeBackgroundViewPositionCorrections {
if (!self.editing) { return; } // BAIL. This fix is not needed.
// Assertion: we are in editing mode.
// Do we have a regular background view?
if (self.backgroundView) {
// YES: So adjust the frame for that:
CGRect backgroundViewFrame = self.backgroundView.frame;
backgroundViewFrame.origin.x = 0;
self.backgroundView.frame = backgroundViewFrame;
// Do we have a selected background view?
if (self.selectedBackgroundView) {
// YES: So adjust the frame for that:
CGRect selectedBackgroundViewFrame = self.selectedBackgroundView.frame;
selectedBackgroundViewFrame.origin.x = 0;
self.selectedBackgroundView.frame = selectedBackgroundViewFrame;
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