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@idan idan/gist:9596928
Created Mar 17, 2014

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Python ISO week for date
import datetime
def week_for_date(target):
"""Given a target date, return a start and end for that date's ISO week.
The returned tuple includes two's, (start, end):
start: midnight on the first day of the ISO week containing the target
end: midnight on the first day following the ISO week containing the target
Note that the end date represents the first date _not_ in the target week,
but rather an upper bound, so the following must always be true:
start <= any date/time in the target's ISO week < end
year, week, dow = target.isocalendar()
start = - datetime.timedelta(dow - 1) # ISO days of week are 1-based
end = start + datetime.timedelta(7)
return (start, end)
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