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Last active Oct 30, 2017
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Update python version safely
import ast
import jedi
from os import path
from pipenv.project import Project
from git import Repo
from git.refs.tag import TagReference
from pkg_resources import get_distribution
class Semver:
def __init__(self, string):
major, minor, patch = map(int, string.split('.'))
self.major = major
self.minor = minor
self.patch = patch
def __str__(self):
return '.'.join(map(str, (self.major, self.minor, self.patch)))
def add(self, part, amount):
setattr(self, part, getattr(self, part) + amount)
return self
def is_setup(source, call):
script = jedi.api.Script(source, call.lineno, call.col_offset)
definition = script.goto_definitions()[-1]
return definition.module_name == 'core' and == 'setup'
def replace_in_line(line, old, new, string):
lines = string.split('\n')
lines[line] = lines[line].replace(old, new)
return '\n'.join(lines)
def get_setup_version_value_node(source):
for node in ast.walk(ast.parse(source)):
if isinstance(node, ast.Call) and is_setup(source, node):
for keyword in node.keywords:
if keyword.arg == 'version':
return keyword.value
project = Project()
def update_setup_file_version(part, setup_path):
with open(setup_path, 'r+') as setup:
source =
value = get_setup_version_value_node(source)
old_version = value.s
new_version = str(Semver(old_version).add(part, 1))
setup.write(replace_in_line(value.lineno - 1, old_version, new_version, source))
return new_version
# part = 'major' | 'minor' | 'patch'
def version(part):
setup_path = path.join(project.project_directory, '')
if not path.exists(setup_path):
raise NotImplementedError(' must exist')
new_version = update_setup_file_version(part, setup_path)
repo = Repo(project.project_directory)
repo.create_tag(f'v{new_version}', ref=repo.active_branch)
return new_version
if __name__ == "__main__":
import sys
new_version = version(sys.argv[1])

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@iddan iddan commented Oct 30, 2017

requires pipenv and GitPython installed (pip install pipenv GitPython)
usage: python3 patch | minor | major

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