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Last active October 27, 2018 15:38
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"Go Here in iTerm2" handler for BBEdit

“Go Here in iTerm2” handler for BBEdit

This is a little helper script for BBEdit to make View > Go Here in Terminal use iTerm2 instead of You can't simply give BBEdit iTerm2's bundle ID directly because iTerm2 doesn't respond to the open instruction from BBEdit, for unknown reasons.

It's based on this pastebin which in turn was based on rwilcox/open_here.applescript. It differs from both of these in that it will open a new tab in the frontmost iTerm2 window if there is one, rather than always creating a new window.

You can just run this from the Scripts menu, but if you want to have BBEdit use it for View → Go Here in Terminal:

Open the .scpt file in AppleScript Editor. Run it to check it works, if you want. Then File → Export…, choose File Format "Application", and tick "Run-only".

You'll get an application called “Go here in”. Put this somewhere suitable. /Applications/Utilities is a good choice.

Then from the command line issue this command:

defaults write com.barebones.bbedit TerminalBundleID -string ""

If you changed the filename, you'll need to replace with whatever the new bundle ID is.

-- based on
-- which was in turn based on
-- but will open a new tab in the current terminal if one is open, rather than always creating a new terminal
tell application "BBEdit" to set theFile to file of document 1
tell application "Finder" to set theFolder to (container of file theFile) as alias
set theUnixPath to POSIX path of theFolder
tell application "iTerm"
if exists current terminal then
set theTerm to current terminal
set theTerm to (make new terminal)
end if
tell theTerm
launch session "Default"
tell the last session
write text "pushd \"" & theUnixPath & "\" && clear"
end tell
end tell
end tell
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Howdy ideabucket. I made some revisions to a fork of this (thanks!), which are here: Is there a repo for this, or should there be? Not sure what the proper conventions for gist-based stuff are. Anyway, thanks and I hope my changes prove helpful, esp. since I am not an AppleScript hacker.

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avilior commented Oct 27, 2018

The following seems to work now with BBEDIT 12 and iTerm2 3.2.4:

defaults write com.barebones.bbedit TerminalBundleID -string "com.googlecode.iterm2"

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