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Translate Amazon service names into plain English (see
// ==UserScript==
// @name Translate Amazon
// @namespace http://your.homepage/
// @version 0.1
// @description Translate the Amazon service names into plain English. See
// @author @ideasasylum
// @match https://**
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==
var replacements = {
"EC2": "Amazon Virtual Servers",
"IAM": "Users, Keys and Certs",
"S3": "Amazon Unlimited FTP Server",
"VPC": "Amazon Virtual Colocated Rack",
"API Gateway": "API Proxy",
"RDS": "Amazon SQL",
"Route53": "Amazon DNS + Domains",
"SES": "Amazon Transactional Email ",
"Cloudfront": "Amazon CDN",
"CloudSearch": "Amazon Fulltext Search",
"DynamoDB": "Amazon NoSQL",
"Elasticache": "Amazon Memcached",
"Elastic Transcoder": "Amazon Beginning Cut Pro",
"SQS ": "Amazon Queue ",
"Cognito": "Amazon OAuth As A Service",
"Device Farm": "Amazon Drawer of old Android devices",
"Mobile Analytics": "",
"SNS": "Amazon Messenger",
"CodeCommit": "Amazon GitHub",
"Code Deploy": "",
"CodePipeline": "Amazon Continuous Integration",
"EC2 Container Service": "Amazon Docker As a Service",
"Elastic Beanstalk": "Amazon Platform As A Service",
"AppStream": "Amazon Citrix",
"Direct Connect": "",
"Directory Service": "",
"WorkDocs": "Amazon Unstructured Files",
"WorkMail": "Amazon Company Email",
"Workspaces": "Amazon Remote Computer",
"Service Catalog": "Amazon Setup Already",
"Storage Gateway": "S3 pretending it's part of your corporate network",
"Data Pipeline": "Amazon ETL",
"Elastic Map Reduce": "Amazon Hadooper",
"Glacier": "Really slow Amazon S3",
"Kinesis": "Amazon High Throughput",
"RedShift": "Amazon Data Warehouse",
"Machine Learning": "Skynet",
"SWF": "Amazon EC2 Queue",
"CloudFormation": "Amazon Services Setup",
"CloudTrail": "Amazon Logging",
"CloudWatch": "Amazon Status Pager",
"Config": "Amazon Configuration Management",
"OpsWorks": "Amazon Chef",
"Trusted Advisor": "Amazon Pennypincher"
for(var key in replacements) {
if($(this).text() == key){
$(this).html(replacements[key]+" ("+key+")");
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