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Stupid rake task to randomly pick one outdated gem
require 'open3'
require 'rainbow'
desc "Upgrade gems"
namespace :upgrade do
desc "Find a random gem to update"
task :bingo => :environment do
cmd = 'bundle outdated'
stdout, stderr, status = Open3.capture3(cmd)
outdated_gem = stdout.lines.grep(/ \* .*/).sample
gemname = outdated_gem.match(/ \* (\w*).*/)[1]
puts Rainbow("Selecting a dirty old gem for you to polish...")
puts Rainbow("1. Create a branch called upgrade-#{gemname}")
puts Rainbow("2. Find the Github page for #{gemname} and read the CHANGELOG")
puts Rainbow('3. Update the gem to the highest version possible without upgrading Ruby or Rails')
puts Rainbow(" bundle update #{gemname}").green
puts Rainbow('4. Update any required gems')
puts Rainbow('5. Merge into staging once the specs pass')
puts Rainbow("6. If, at #{( + 30.minutes).strftime('%H %M')} the specs still aren\'t passing, write it up in Trello").yellow
puts Rainbow('=================================================').red
print Rainbow(outdated_gem.to_s).red
puts Rainbow('=================================================').red
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