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A pre-commit Git hook for preventing commits containing focus: true, debugger, binding.pry etc Based on a blog post I wrote (which in turn was based on someone else's script). This version allows you to easily setup new rules at the head of the script
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
spec_hits = []
checks = {
'_spec\.rb$' => ['focus:[:space:]*true'],
'\.rb$' => ['binding\.pry', 'debugger']
# Find the names of all the filenames that have been (A)dded (C)opied or (M)odified
filenames = `git diff --cached --name-only --diff-filter=ACM`.split("\n")
filenames.each do |filename|
# Perform special checks for _spec filenames (rspec tests)
checks.each do |filename_pattern, patterns|
if filename.match filename_pattern
patterns.each do |contents_pattern|
results = `git diff --cached #{filename} | grep "^\+[^+]" | grep "#{contents_pattern}"`.split("\n").map { |r| r.sub(/^\+[\s\t]*/, '') }
if $? == 0
# Add the relevant change with line number to the spec_hits array
results.each{ |r|
spec_hits.push "#{filename}:" + `grep -n '#{r}' #{filename}`.sub(/:\s+/, ' ').chomp
if spec_hits.any?
puts "\e[33m>>> Please remove the following problems from these files before committing\e[0m"
puts spec_hits.join("\n")
exit 1 if spec_hits.any?
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