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List of scopes for Sublime Text and Atom. Follow three simple rules when contributing: 1. Link whenever possible, use and Package Control links (if possible) 2. Always link third-party packages, use current Markdown link structure 3. Alphabetize!
File type Sublime Text Atom
ActionScript source.actionscript.2 ?
AppleScript source.applescript .source.applescript
ASP source.asp ?
Batch File source.dosbatch ?
BibTex source.bibtex ?
BridleNSIS source.nsis.bridle .source.nsis.bridle
C source.c .source.c
C# source.cs .source.cs
C++ source.c++ .source.cpp
Clojure source.clojure .source.clojure
CSS source.css .source.css
D source.d ?
Diff source.diff .source.diff
Erlang source.erlang ?
Git Commit ? .text.git-commit
Git Configuration ? .source.git-config
Git Rebase ? .text.git-rebase
Go source.go .source.go
Go Templates ? .source.gotemplate
GraphViz ?
Groovy source.groovy ?
Haskell source.haskell ?
HTML text.html(.basic) .text.html.basic
HTML (Go) ? .text.html.gohtml
HTML (Ruby) ? .text.html.erb
HTML (TCL) text.html.tcl ?
Inno Setup source.inno .source.inno
Java Doc text.html.javadoc ?
Java Properties
JavaScript source.js .source.js
JavaScript (JQuery) ? .source.js.jquery
JavaScript (Ruby) ? .source.js.rails
JSON source.json .source.json
JSP text.html.jsp ?
JUnit Test Report ? .text.junit-test-report
Latex text.tex.latex ?
Latex Log text.log.latex ?
Latex Memoir text.tex.latex.memoir ?
LESS source.css.less .source.css.less
Lisp source.lisp ?
Lua source.lua ?
MakeFile source.makefile .source.makefile
Markdown text.html.markdown .text.markdown
Markdown (GFM) text.html.markdown .source.gfm
Matlab source.matlab ?
Multi Markdown text.html.markdown.multimarkdown ?
NLF (NSIS) source.nlf .source.nlf
NSIS source.nsis .source.nsis
nsL Assember source.nsl .source.nsl
Objective-C source.objc .source.objc
Objective-C++ source.objc++ .source.objcpp
OCaml source.ocaml ?
OCaml campl4 source.camlp4.ocaml ?
OCamllex source.ocamllex ?
Perl source.perl .source.perl
Perl 6 source.perl .source.perl6
PHP source.php .text.html.php
Plist (Binary) source.plist .source.plist
Plist (XML) text.plist .text.xml.plist
Python source.python .source.python
Python (Console) ? .text.python.console
Python (Traceback) ? .text.python.traceback
R source.r ?
R Console source.r-console ?
Regular Expression source.regexp ?
Regular Expression (JavaScript) ? .source.js.regexp
Regular Expression (Python) source.regexp.python .source.regexp.python
RestructuredText text.restructuredtext .text.restructuredtext
Ruby source.ruby .source.ruby
Ruby HAML text.haml ?
Ruby on Rails source.ruby.rails .source.ruby.rails
SASS source.sass .source.sass
Scala source.scala ?
SCSS source.scss .source.css.scss
ScummC source.c.scumm .source.c.scumm
Shell Script
Shell Session ?
SQL source.sql .source.sql
SQL (Mustache) ? .text.html.mustache
SQL (Ruby) source.sql.ruby .source.sql.ruby
Stylus source.stylus ?
TCL source.tcl ?
TeX text.tex ?
Text (plain) text.plain .text.plain
Textile text.html.textile ?
Todo source.todo .text.todo
XML text.xml .text.xml
XSL text.xml.xsl .text.xml.xsl
YAML source.yaml .source.yaml
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