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Oneliner to convert svn:ignore into .gitignore
cat .gitignore | sed 's/^/\.\//g;s/\(.*\)\/\([0-9a-zA-Z\*\?\.]*\)$/svn propedit svn:ignore "\2" \1 /mg' | bash
svn propget -R svn:ignore | grep -v "^$" | sed "s/\(\(.*\) - \)\(.*\)/\2\/\3/g" | sort -u >> .gitignore

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sanjay-russmediatech commented Jul 27, 2017

really helpful


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svendhhh commented Aug 11, 2017

Can I suggest adding a -u to the sort of to remove duplicates?
(I'm not sure why there'd be duplicates in the SVN ignore, or if could make sense there, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't make sense in .gitignore)?
I found out why I had duplicates. I had the "root" of the SVN project checked out, so was getting some entries for all branches/tags as well as root, and some duplicates that way... might not be any use to add the -u after all?


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iegik commented Jun 22, 2018

@svendhhh Sure. Thanks!

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