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Created December 4, 2019 19:03
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Bespoken Sample: This is how a simple end-to-end test looks like using our YAML-based syntax
locale: en-US
voiceId: Joanna
- test: Launch request, no further interaction
- tags: NLUTest
- <speak>open <phoneme alphabet="ipa" ph="kwɪk lɪst">quick list</phoneme></speak>: "*"
- test.only: Launch request followed by a sequence of interactions
- what is on my list:
- prompt:
- you have the following items on your list *
- here is your* list
- goodbye:
- prompt:
- talk to you soon
- bye bye happy shopping
- merry christmas to you soon
- /^$/ # This regex is equivalent to empty response or prompt = ""
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