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Is the ExtUtils::Installed in Perl 5.10 broken?
I need to be able to query an installed CPAN package and find out what files it
contains. I had code that worked fine with Perl 5.8, but it doesn't work with
5.10. Any ideas? Is there another way that I should be doing this?
# From shell, install a silly package:
cpan Acme::please
# From Perl, get the lists of file in this package:
use Acme::please; # Silly way to check that package is installed
use Data::Dumper;
require ExtUtils::Installed;
$packlists = ExtUtils::Installed->new;
p Dumper([$packlists->files('Acme::please')]);
# Perl 5.8 returns an array:
$VAR1 = [
# Perl 5.10 raises an exception at the `$packlists->files` call:
Acme::please is not installed
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