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Valheim mods that will work on a vanilla server

Valheim Useful Clientside Mods

Mods that will work on a vanilla server

Required Mod Loader

  • BepInExPack - All of the mods on this list are plugins for this mod and go in the Valheim/BepInEx/plugins folder. Install this by extracting the contents of the BepInExPack_Valheim folder to your Valheim folder. For reference, winhttp.dll should end up in the same folder as your valheim.exe. I removed the included Valheim.DisplayBepInExInfo.dll plugin once I knew the loader was working. If you see a command prompt page open when you launch Valheim, then BepInEx is woring.

  • (Optional) Nexus Update Check - Tells you when there's an update out for your plugins. Useful if you're not using Vortex, which caused issues with BepInEx for me.

  • (Optional) Configuration Manager - This mod allows you to edit settings for BepInEx mods that make use of the BepInEx configuration system from within the game itself via an easy-to-use GUI.


  • First Person View - Zooming in all the way with the scroll wheel will put you into first person camera, like many MMOs.

Quality of Life

  • Character Edit Button - Allows cosmetic changes to your characters, no changes to stats or inventory.
  • CropReplant - When harvesting your crops, if you have the cultivator and the required seeds, the crop will be automatically replanted.
  • Emote Keys - Allows keybinding of emotes. By default, they're the numpad number keys.
  • FarmGrid - Adds snapping to crop placement to ensure crops have enough room to grow.
  • InventorySorting - Adds sorting buttons to inventories.
  • MultiCraft - Allows you to set how many times you'd like to craft an item and will execute all of them one after another. Takes the same amount of time to craft but reduces the amount of clicks.
  • Quick Cart - May be cheaty for some, especially if you increase the range in config. This mod adds a customizable hotkey (default V) that allows you to attach or detach a nearby cart (nearest if there are several) without having to point the cross hairs at the attach area. By default you can even attach the cart when out of position, as long as you are within the configurable range.
  • Quick Load - Sets a keybind to to load your last character and world instantly. By default F7. Unfortunately does not support joining servers.
  • Quick Stack - Press a configured key to quickly stack items from your inventory into a currently opened or nearby containers. This might be my favorite mod, lets you keep adventuring rather than managing chests.
  • Remember IP Dammit - Saves the last entered text in the Server IP and Password text boxes. Useful since Valheim has no way of saving servers yet.
  • Repair All - Clicking the repair button at a workbench repairs all tools, all the way. Use Jeeves the Repair Bot to have your items be automatically repaired any time you open a workbench (This one felt a little too overpowered for my taste).
  • Toggle Sprint - Does what it says.You can also set to stop sprinting when not moving or out of stamina. A threshold can be set to reactivate sprinting when enough stamina is regenerated.
  • Hold Attack - Let's you hold click with a tool to use it repeatedly rather than having to click over and over again to chop a tree or kill an enemy. Broken by recent update

User Interface

UI Aesthetic

  • HUDHide - Hide the UI with F1. Nice for screenshots and immersion. Already in the game with CTRL+F3.
  • Minimal Status Effects - Shrink the status effect list and put it in a vertical list below the minimap.

UI Utility

  • BetterUI - Many improvemnts to UI such as: numeric values on mob health bars, percentages on the skills page for how close you are to each cap, item levels as stars instead of a number and item durability bars colored like Minecraft, going from green to red. I set showCharacterXP and ShowXPNotifications to false in the config since I found them distracting.
  • Building Health Display - Shows numerical values for the health of buildable items.
  • Clock - Shows the time of day. I like to set ClockFormat = fuzzy in BepInEx\config\aedenthorn.ClockMod.cfg. This makes the clock use descriptions like "Early Afternoon" rather than numbers.
  • Compass - Adds a rotating compass to the HUD that shows nearby map markers. With the GUI scale set to 115%, the compass will be place off-screen. To fix this, set your Y offset to 65 in the config.
  • FermenterPercentage - Shows how much fermenter has fermented in percentage rather than time.
  • Improved Build HUD - Tells you how many of each item you can build based off the resources in your inventory. Great for knowing whether you have enough stuff to start building.
  • Plant Grow Progress - Shows a plant grow progress when you hover over it. It changes colour depending on the progress.
  • Show Container Contents - Will list the contents of a container on the screen when you look at it.

Bug Fixes

  • Slope Hitreg Fix - Uncaps the Y angle of your attacks so you can now look straight down or up and hit things if they are in range. Fixes annoying situations where you can't fight on a slope.


Valheim servers run a lot of processes on the player's client and then forwards the information to nearby players. This means that mods that would normally only work server-side can work as long as you're hosting the process being modded. If you're the only one on the server or you're not in the vicinity of other players, these should work all the time.

  • Instant Monster Loot Drop - This will work as intended as long as you're the closest person to the monster. Otherwise, it will behave like in vanilla unless the other player also has the mod. I like to set DropDelay = 1.5 in the config so that the drops are quick but I can still see the death animation.
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