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Get database from an Android app (Android 4.3+)
# Android 4.3+ changes app's internal directory permissions and you can not just pull your
# databases to your computer, so I did this as a workaround to extract my databases.
# I only use it for debug, use it under your responsability.
rm $db_name
adb shell "su -c 'cd $path; chmod -R 777 databases; exit'; exit"
adb pull $path/databases/$db_name
open $db_name

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ignasi commented Jan 30, 2014

BTW, requires root.


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santi-gonzalez commented Jan 30, 2014

As always, very useful!

Good job!


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BrandonSmith commented Mar 9, 2014

Possible way around root, if the app does not have debuggable=false, is to pipe the db file contents...


adb shell "run-as $package cat databases/$db_name > /sdcard/$db_name"
adb pull /sdcard/$db_name
open $db_name

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