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#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
import logging
from optparse import OptionParser
import os
import gpxpy
import gpxpy.gpx
import time
from subprocess import check_output
def process_file(path, options):"processing " + path)
gpx_file = open(path, 'r')
gpx = gpxpy.parse(gpx_file)
for track in gpx.tracks:
for segment in track.segments:
for point in segment.points:
set_point(point, options)
for route in gpx.routes:
for point in route:
set_point(point, options)
def set_point(point, options):'Point at ({0},{1},{2})'.format(point.latitude, point.longitude, point.elevation))
logging.debug(check_output([options.command, "-c", "gps setlatitude " + str(point.latitude)]))
logging.debug(check_output([options.command, "-c", "gps setlongitude " + str(point.longitude)]))
logging.debug(check_output([options.command, "-c", "gps setaltitude " + str(point.elevation)]))
if __name__=='__main__':
usage = "usage: %prog "
parser = OptionParser(usage=usage,
description="Read a gpx file and use it to send points to Genymotion emulator at a fixed interval")
parser.add_option("-d", "--debug", action="store_true", dest="debug")
parser.add_option("-q", "--quiet", action="store_true", dest="quiet")
parser.add_option("-i", "--interval", type="int", dest="interval", default="2",
help="interval between points in seconds, defaults to 2 seconds")
parser.add_option("-g", "--genymotion-shell", dest="command",
help="path to the genyshell command, defaults to /Applications/Genymotion",
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
logging.basicConfig(level=logging.DEBUG if options.debug else
(logging.ERROR if options.quiet else logging.INFO))
logging.debug("using genymotion shell at " + options.command)
for path in args:
if not os.path.exists(path):
logging.error(path + " not found")
process_file(path, options)
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