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#include <stdio.h>
#include "esp_err.h"
#include "driver/ledc.h"
#include "driver/periph_ctrl.h"
void app_main()
int bit_width = 20; // 1 - 20 bits
int divider = 256; // Q10.8 fixed point number, 0x100 — 0x3FFFF
int duty_cycle = 1 << (bit_width - 1);
float freq_hz = ((uint64_t) LEDC_REF_CLK_HZ << 8) / (float) divider / (1 << bit_width);
printf("frequency: %f Hz\n", freq_hz);
ledc_timer_set(LEDC_HIGH_SPEED_MODE, LEDC_TIMER_0, divider, bit_width, LEDC_REF_TICK);
ledc_timer_resume(LEDC_HIGH_SPEED_MODE, LEDC_TIMER_0);
ledc_channel_config_t channel_config = {
.channel = LEDC_CHANNEL_0,
.duty = duty_cycle,
.gpio_num = GPIO_NUM_2,
.speed_mode = LEDC_HIGH_SPEED_MODE,
.timer_sel = LEDC_TIMER_0

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@hrushikesh1024 hrushikesh1024 commented Feb 2, 2021

The above code is not working.
In the code ledc_timer_set(LEDC_HIGH_SPEED_MODE, LEDC_TIMER_0, divider, bit_width, LEDC_REF_TICK); is not able to configure LEDC_TIMER_0.
ledc_timer_config_t since it is not used the timer is not configured.
if I put ledc_get_freq it is returning 250hz always.
what can be the issue please help.
I want to generate PWM at 0.5hz

This program is not working for any frequency since the time is not set.
I tried to check it on the oscilloscope but nothing at the output.

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