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Last active January 5, 2017 15:26
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Minimal biom file to demonstrate [a bug]( in Phinch.
"id": "No Table ID",
"format": "Biological Observation Matrix 2.1.0",
"format_url": "",
"matrix_type": "sparse",
"generated_by": "BIOM-Format 2.1",
"date": "2016-05-03T08:13:41.848780",
"type": "OTU table",
"matrix_element_type": "float",
"shape": [3, 3],
"data": [[0,0,100],[1,1,100],[2,2,100]],
"rows": [
{"id": "OTU_1", "metadata": {"taxonomy": ["k__animalia"]}},
{"id": "OTU_2", "metadata": {"taxonomy": ["k__fungi"]}},
{"id": "OTU_3", "metadata": {"taxonomy": ["k__plantae"]}}
"columns": [
{"id": "Sample_1", "metadata": {"phinchID": "animalia"}},
{"id": "Sample_2", "metadata": {"phinchID": "fungi"}},
{"id": "Sample_3", "metadata": {"phinchID": "plantae"}}
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