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Created Dec 4, 2012
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Candle puzzle encountered in IRC
#! /usr/bin/env ruby
# Finds answer to following puzzle
# There are one thousand candles on the altar and one thousand priests
# in the temple. Their god asks the first priest to go and light all
# the candles. Then he has the second priest go to every second candle
# and put it out."
# The third goes to every third candle and, if it is not burning, he
# lights it, and if it is lit, he puts it out."
# The fourth priest does this to every fourth candle, and so on. After
# the process is completed with the thousandth priest, how many
# candles are not lit?"
candles = []
(1..1000).each do |priest|
(0...1000).step(priest) do |candle|
candles[candle] = !candles[candle]
puts "#{{|c|c}.count} candles lit"
puts "#{{|c|!c}.count} candles unlit"
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