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Kashif Ullah ikashifullah

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Steps to install AsgardCMS:
1. Clone repo from your AsgardCMS repo.
2. Composer Install.
3. Create an .env file and update with Database Credentials.
4. Generate App Key by: php artisan key:generate
5. php artisan module:publish (Backend)
6. php artisan asgard:publish:theme (Front End)
7. Update your APP_URL to your 'CMS URL' e.g. APP_URL=
ikashifullah / ZurbMenuDesktopPresenter.php
Last active Aug 24, 2017
Zurb Foundation Responsive Navigation Presenter for Laravel-Menu and AsgardCMS
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namespace app\Http\Presenters;
use Nwidart\Menus\Presenters\Presenter;
class ZurbMenuDesktopPresenter extends Presenter
* {@inheritdoc }
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Sass/Less Comparison

In this document I am using Sass's SCSS syntax. You can choose to use the indented syntax in sass, if you prefer it, it has no functional differences from the SCSS syntax.

For Less, I'm using the JavaScript version because this is what they suggest on the website. The ruby version may be different.