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Update global top level npm packages

Update global top level npm packages


npm update -g updates all global packages and their dependencies, see


  1. Either use the shell script or windows batch here instead.

    The shell script is forked from See the discussion there.

  2. Or use to interactively select which global/local packages to update

    # install
    npm -g i npm-check
    # interactive update of global packages
    npm-check -u -g
    # interactive update for a project you are working on
    npm-check -u

Sample using npm-check -u

@echo off
setlocal enableextensions enabledelayedexpansion
set packages=
for /f "usebackq delims=: tokens=3" %%f in (`npm -g outdated --parseable --depth=0 -q`) do set packages=!packages! %%f
:: Note: on windows, the first : separates drive in package path.
call npm install -g%packages%
exit /b %errorlevel%
set -e
set -x
for package in $(npm -g outdated --parseable --depth=0 -q | cut -d: -f2)
npm -g install "$package"
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