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Python script to update image creation and modification dates to the EXIF date.
#!/usr/bin/env python
"""A simple utility to restore file creation and modification
dates back to their original values from EXIF.
This script requires exif module to be installed or the exif
command line utility to be in the path.
To function correctly under windows this script needs win32file and
win32con modules. Otherwise it will not be able to restore the creation
import os, sys, time, re, glob
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
import win32file, win32con
__use_win_32 = True
__use_win_32 = False
__path_to_exif = 'exif'
TEN_MINUTES = timedelta(minutes=10)
__description = """Restores file's creation and modification dates back to the original
value from EXIF.
usage: [File name mask]"""
def getExifCreationDate(path):
"""Gets the earliest date from the file's EXIF header, returns time tuple"""
timeStamp = None
import exif
pf = exif.parse(path)
originalTime = pf.get('DateTimeOriginal')
if (originalTime):
timeStamp = datetime.strptime(originalTime, '%Y:%m:%d %H:%M:%S')
#sometimes exif lib failes to retrieve data
if (not timeStamp):
response = os.popen(__path_to_exif + ' -x "%s"' % path, 'r')
lines =
matches = re.findall('<Date_and_Time.+?>(.*?)</Date_and_Time.+?>', lines)
if (len(matches)):
timeStamp = min(*[datetime.strptime(x, '%Y:%m:%d %H:%M:%S') for x in matches])
return timeStamp
def getFileDates(path):
"""Returns a dictionary of file creation (ctime), modification (mtime), exif (exif) dates"""
dates = {}
dates['exif'] = getExifCreationDate(path)
dates['mtime'] = datetime.utcfromtimestamp(os.path.getmtime(path))
dates['ctime'] = datetime.utcfromtimestamp(os.path.getctime(path))
return dates
def setFileDates(fileName, dates):
"""Sets file modification and creation dates to the specified value"""
if __use_win_32:
filehandle = win32file.CreateFile(fileName, win32file.GENERIC_WRITE, 0, None, win32con.OPEN_EXISTING, 0, None)
win32file.SetFileTime(filehandle, *(dates['exif'],)*3)
os.utime(fileName, (time.mktime(dates['exif'].utctimetuple()),)*2)
def fixFileDate(fileName):
"""Reads file's EXIF header, gets the earliest date and sets it to the file"""
dates = getFileDates(fileName)
if (dates['exif']):
cmp_time = lambda x, y: x - y > TEN_MINUTES
diff = [cmp_time(dates[x], dates['exif']) for x in ('mtime', 'ctime')]
setFileDates(fileName, dates)
return dates, diff
return dates, None
def usage():
print __description
def main(args):
if (not len(args)):
return - 1
processedFiles = []
for fileNameMask in args:
if "*" in fileNameMask or "?" in fileNameMask:
print "Looking for files with mask " + fileNameMask
for fileName in filter(lambda x: x not in processedFiles, glob.glob(fileNameMask)):
dates, diff = fixFileDate(fileName)
except Exception, e:
print e
diff = None
print fileName + ' - ',
if (not diff):
print 'SKIP, NO EXIF'
if (sum(diff) != 0):
print 'SET TO "%s" (updated M:%d, C:%d)' % (dates['exif'].strftime('%Y:%m:%d %H:%M:%S'), diff[0], diff[1])
print 'OK'
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':
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