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Last active Mar 1, 2018
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set -e
# Converts a Quicktime movie to a GIF aniamtion.
# Useful for screen recordings.
# Preliminary step with palette required to make it look good
# without dithering artifacts.
[[ -n "$GIF" ]] || GIF="${MOV%.*}".gif
[[ -n "$MOV" ]] || {
echo "Syntax: $0 [mov] [gif]"
exit 1
which ffmpeg || {
echo "Error: ffmpeg missing"
exit 1
ffmpeg -i $MOV -vf palettegen $PALETTE
ffmpeg -i $MOV -i $PALETTE -r $FPS -lavfi "scale=320:-1 [x]; [x][1:v] paletteuse" $GIF
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