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Last active Feb 11, 2017

app = require '../index'
class Card
html5Video: ->
item = @model.get 'item'
item?.type is 'video' and (item?.videos?[0]?.type?.substring(0, 5) is 'video' and item?.videos?[0]?.type not in ['video/flash', 'text/html'])
iframeVideo: ->
item = @model.get 'item'
item?.videos?[0] and (item.videos[0].type is 'video/flash' or item.videos[0].type?.substring(0, 5) isnt 'video')
play: ->
@model.set 'play', true
document.addEventListener 'keydown', @keydown, true
stop: ->
@model.del 'play'
preferOembed: ->
item = @model.get 'item'
!@model.get('regular') and item?.oembed?.type is 'rich' and item?.url.match(/facebook\.com|twitter\.com|mathembed\.com|soundcloud\.com/)
allowOembed: ->
item = @model.get 'item'
item?.oembed?.type is 'rich' and item?.url.match(/airtable\.com|mathembed\.com|soundcloud\.com/)
showArticle: (ms) ->
clearTimeout @timer
set = => @model.set 'showArticle', true
@timer = setTimeout set, ms
hideArticle: (ms) ->
clearTimeout @timer
hide = => @model.del 'showArticle'
@timer = setTimeout hide, ms
videoSize: ->
item = @model.get 'item'
if item?.videos?[0]
v = item?.videos?[0]
console.log v
size = @calculateOptimalDimensions v.width, v.height, v.fixedHeight
"width: #{size.w}; height: #{size.h}"
hasText: ->
item = @model.get 'item'
item?.title and item?.description
keydown: (e) =>
key = e.keyCode or e.which
if key is 27
document.removeEventListener 'keydown', @keydown, true
# expand (video) size to the maxwidth/maxheight
# some sites want to have a fixed height video/swf, so take that into account
calculateOptimalDimensions: (width, height, isFixedHeightVideo) ->
w = ''
h = ''
if width and height
ratio = width / height
w = '90vw'
h = if isFixedHeightVideo then height +'px' else "#{90 / ratio}vw"
{ w, h }
app.component 'card', Card
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