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Last active March 7, 2020 07:10
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Abortable promises and fetch() requests


Frequently requires to abort fetch request. Current realization of fetch() doesn't have this opportunity, but it can be realized by behavior of Promise.race.

You can abort or cancel any long promise or fetch.


import abortable from './AbortablePromise';

const long_request = abortable(fetch(/* url */));

    .then(() => console.log('never will be resolved'))
    .catch(err => err === 'abort');

/* ... */

const ABORTABLE_ERROR_KEY = '__abortablePromise';
* @typedef {Promise.<*>} AbortablePromise
* @property {function} abort Additional method for abort original promise
* @param {Promise} promise
* @returns {AbortablePromise}
export default function abortablePromise(promise) {
* Promise never will be resolved, but can be rejected
* @type function
let abort = null;
* Promise never will be resolved, but can be rejected
* @type Promise
const abort_promise = new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
abort = function() {
const abortable_promise = Promise
.catch(err => err === ABORTABLE_ERROR_KEY?
Promise.reject('abort') :
abortable_promise.abort = abort;
return abortable_promise;
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Interesting solution, but it does not really "cancel" the fetch request. It merely ignores the return value.

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