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Created November 22, 2010 20:07
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Jekyll tag cloud / tag pages plugin
module Jekyll
class TagCloudTag < Liquid::Tag
safe = true
def initialize(tag_name, text, tokens)
def render(context)
html = ""
tags = context.registers[:site].tags
avg = tags.inject(0.0) {|memo, tag| memo += tag[1].length} / tags.length
weights =
tags.each {|tag| weights[tag[0]] = tag[1].length/avg}
tags.each do |tag, posts|
html << "<span style='font-size: #{sprintf("%d", weights[tag] * 100)}%'><a href='/tags/#{tag}/'>#{tag}</a></span>\n"
Liquid::Template.register_tag('tag_cloud', Jekyll::TagCloudTag)
module Jekyll
class TagPage
include Convertible
attr_accessor :site, :pager, :name, :ext
attr_accessor :basename, :dir, :data, :content, :output
def initialize(site, tag, posts)
@site = site
@tag = tag
self.ext = '.html'
self.basename = 'index'
self.content = <<-EOS
{% for post in page.posts %}
<h3>{{ | date: "%A %d.%m." }} &mdash; <a href="{{ post.url }}">{{ post.title }}</a></h3>
<p>{{ post.content | truncatewords: 20 }}</p>
{% if post.categories != empty %}
In {{ post.categories | array_to_sentence_string }}.
{% endif %}
{% if post.tags != empty %}
Tagged {{ post.tags | array_to_sentence_string }}.
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}
EOS = {
'layout' => 'default',
'type' => 'tag',
'title' => "Posts tagged #{@tag}",
'posts' => posts
def render(layouts, site_payload)
payload = {
"page" => self.to_liquid,
"paginator" => pager.to_liquid
do_layout(payload, layouts)
def url
File.join("/tags", @tag, "index.html")
def to_liquid{
"url" => self.url,
"content" => self.content
def write(dest_prefix, dest_suffix = nil)
dest = dest_prefix
dest = File.join(dest, dest_suffix) if dest_suffix
path = File.join(dest, CGI.unescape(self.url))
FileUtils.mkdir_p(File.dirname(path)), 'w') do |f|
def html?
module Jekyll
class TagPageGenerator < Generator
safe true
def generate(site)
site.tags.each do |tag, posts|
site.pages <<, tag, posts)
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friddle commented Nov 7, 2013

Can you post a tutorial?
I am new to Jekyll.thanks.

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Ooh! This is awesome. Thank you!

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daudich commented Jul 29, 2014

Is their a tutorial available for this somewhere? or maybe even if you could add some comments to the files as to how to actually use it that would be great. Currently this plugin does not work for me. Nothing is being generated.

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squito commented Oct 27, 2014

To get this to work w/ ruby 2.1.3 & jekyll 2.4.0, I had to change the calls to foo.deep_merge(xxx) to Utils.deep_merge_hashes(foo,xxx). I don't really know any ruby, just following the discussion here:
and this patch:

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For Jekyll 2.5.3, change the line class TagPage in tag_page.rb with class TagPage < Page in addition to @squito's comment to get rid of the Error: undefined method 'destination' for #<Jekyll::TagPage:0x000000020a3730>.

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for tag_cloud_tag.rb, why not use a layout / include

{% assign all_tags = site.tags|size %}
<div class="tagcloud">{% for tag in site.tags %}
    {% assign tag_name = tag|first %}
    {% assign tag_count = tag|last|size %}
    {% assign tag_avg = tag_count | div: all_tags %}
    <span class="tag" style="font-size: {{ tag_avg | times: 100 }}%;">{{ tag_name }}</span>{% if false %} ({{ tag_count }}){% endif %}
{% endfor %}</div>

Works for me, and you can, as you can probably see; have a tag count added to data attribute or echoed out etc...

RE: links, it's a lovely concept, but I think the links should be a separate plugin to the tag cloud itself, as it actually needs to generate pages, and also, it probably needs a /tags/ folder, so feel free to modify my category listing page plugin, which does the same for category pages.

Better Jekyll Category Pages

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Is this compatible with Jekyll 3?

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