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Created August 17, 2015 16:59
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<target name="-compile.for.ios" description="Compiling swf for ios">
<java jar="${asc2.compiler}" failonerror="true" fork="true">
<arg value="-load-config+=${air.config}"/>
<arg value="-load-config+=${compile.config}"/>
<arg value="-debug=${}"/>
<arg value="+configname=airmobile"/>
<arg value="-swf-version=29"/>
<arg value="-define=CONFIG::flashplayer,false"/>
<arg value="-define=CONFIG::android,false"/>
<arg value="-define=CONFIG::ios,true"/>
<move file="src/com/illuzor/antbuilddemo/Main.swf" tofile="bin/AntBuildDemo.swf"/>
<target name="-make.ios.ipa" description="Making ipa for ios">
<echo message="Starting build ios ipa"/>
<java jar="${adt}" failonerror="true" fork="true">
<arg value="-package"/>
<arg value="-target"/>
<arg value="${}"/>
<arg value="-storetype"/>
<arg value="pkcs12"/>
<arg value="-keystore"/>
<arg value="${ios.cert}"/>
<arg value="-storepass"/>
<arg value="${ios.cert.pass}"/>
<arg value="-provisioning-profile"/>
<arg value="${ios.provision}"/>
<arg value="${release.folder}/ios_fasttest.apk"/>
<arg value="application.xml"/>
<arg value="-C"/>
<arg value="bin"/>
<arg value="."/>
<arg value="-C"/>
<arg value="icons/ios"/>
<arg value="."/>
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