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Created December 7, 2013 19:58
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<target name="build.ane" description="Making ane file">
<exec executable="${FLEX_HOME}/bin/adt.bat" failonerror="true">
<arg value="-package"/>
<arg value="-target"/>
<arg value="ane"/>
<arg value="ane_ready_for_use/com.illuzor.extensions.NotificationExtension.ane"/>
<arg value="temp/ane/extension.xml"/>
<arg line="-swc"/>
<arg line="temp/ane/notifExtLib.swc"/>
<arg line="-platform Android-ARM -C temp/ane/android/ ."/>
<arg line="-platform default -C temp/ane/default/"/>
<move file="temp/ane/notifExtLib.swc" tofile="ane_ready_for_use/notifExtLib.swc"/>
<echo file="ane_ready_for_use/extension_id.txt">${}</echo>
<delete dir="temp"/>
<echo message="Your extension located in ane_ready_for_use folder."/>
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