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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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// command-name {name:required} {age:optional:"Jack"}
// command-name {--name} {--age:required} {--country:optional:USA}
// facade:resolve "Show underlying classes and the corresponding IoC bindings" {query:optional:"Query string":"*"}
listen("say-hello")->act(function($input, $output) {
$output("Hello, world!");
listen("say-name {--name:required:Generic}")->act(function($input, $output) {
$output("Hello, ".$input("name"));
listen("do-something {age:required} {country:optional:USA} {--save:optional} {--path:required}")
->act(function($input, $output)
$savePath = $input("save") ? $input("path", "generic/path") : null;
$message = sprintf("%s:%s => %s", $input("age"), $input("country"), $savePath);
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