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#lang typed/racket
(MyRec a)
(U a (Pair 'rec (MyRec a))))
(: unwrap (-> (MyRec (MyRec Symbol)) (MyRec Symbol)))
(define (unwrap my_rec)
(match my_rec [(cons 'rec elem) elem]))
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Notes on Erlang Compiler



ilya-klyuchnikov / mrsc.hs
Created Apr 25, 2011
How to combine supercompilers
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import Control.Monad
import Data.Maybe
data DriveStep e = DriveStep e
type Driver e = e -> DriveStep e
type Whistle e = [e] -> e -> Maybe e
type Rebuilder e = e -> e -> e
type MRebuilder e = e -> e -> [e]
data SC e = SC {drive :: Driver e, whistle :: Whistle e,