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Error when installing Pythnon package from GitLab
locking path '/nix/store/3lzklka8qm0v8gra9bn0v8dvijw2x6i5-log_adapter_engine-0.2.0.drv'
lock acquired on '/nix/store/3lzklka8qm0v8gra9bn0v8dvijw2x6i5-log_adapter_engine-0.2.0.drv.lock'
lock released on '/nix/store/3lzklka8qm0v8gra9bn0v8dvijw2x6i5-log_adapter_engine-0.2.0.drv.lock'
instantiated 'log_adapter_engine-0.2.0' -> '/nix/store/3lzklka8qm0v8gra9bn0v8dvijw2x6i5-log_adapter_engine-0.2.0.drv'
querying info about missing paths...
starting pool of 3 threads
checking substituter '' for path '/nix/store/fr2vsw0ziizhb99m348rsygvzd7b5glq-log_adapter_engine-0.2.0'
querying info about '/nix/store/fr2vsw0ziizhb99m348rsygvzd7b5glq-log_adapter_engine-0.2.0' on ''...
downloading ''...
starting download of
finished download of ''; curl status = 77, HTTP status = 0, body = 0 bytes
[31;1merror: unable to download '': Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?) (77)
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