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rakhmad /
Created April 17, 2012 15:55
Setting Up Clojure on OS X

Setting Up Clojure on OS X

I spent a lot of time trying to find a pretty optimal (for me) setup for Clojure… at the same time I was trying to dive in and learn it. This is never optimal; you shouldn't be fighting the environment while trying to learn something.

I feel like I went through a lot of pain searching Google, StackOverflow, blogs, and other sites for random tidbits of information and instructions.

This is a comprehensive "what I learned and what I ended up doing" that will hopefully be of use to others and act as a journal for myself if I ever have to do it again. I want to be very step-by-step and explain what's happening (and why) at each step.

Step 1: Getting Clojure (1.3)

RandomEtc /
Created September 22, 2011 02:41
Map Tiles in D3

An exercise in learning D3 / a proof of concept / my hat-in-the-ring for what comes next after Polymaps and Modest Maps. See the github project page for more information.