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How to publish articles as GitHub Gists πŸ™ | by

How To Use GitHub Gists For Publishing Articles

GitHub Gists may be used not only for code snippets sharing but as a publishing platform for your articles.

Features And Restrictions Of GitHub Gists

Each gist is a git repo with restrictions and features:

  • You can't create folders in any branch of the repo.
  • Each file in the master branch larger than 1MB risks to be truncated so you can't add zip archive to master. But you may keep additional large files at another branches which can't be viewed on the gist page.
  • If you want to use images in your article but wish non-embedded images to be hidden on the gist page then you may keep them in non-master branch and reference by ./<id of your gist>/raw/<commit hash>/foobar.jpg.
  • You may add download link for an archive of any branch, it looks like<username>/<gist id>/archive/<name of the branch>.zip.


RSS is provided for your GH Gist profile so people may subscribe if they don't mind receiving every step you make. RSS address looks like

Mail subscriptions may be created with rss-to-email services like one provided by MailChimp for free.

Custom Shortened URLs

You may create short links like, see instructions here.

Erasing History Of Commits

If you want to wipe clean a gist repo but wish to preserve all the links on it (so you don't want to delete it) then you may apply git push to an empty repo with a force flag.

Files Order

Files on the gist page are ordered alphanumerically. If you wish to change order of files then add prefixes like _0_File or _1_File Two.jpg to filenames.

Examples Of Articles

Generating List Of Gists

You may use for generating a list of gists like the one below.

  1. How to publish articles as GitHub Gists πŸ™ β˜…1 2019-7-11
  2. Fight Cheburnet πŸ”₯ ⬀(β—πŸ’‘β—)⬀ β˜…1 2019-6-30
  3. Kodi On Raspian On RPI0 Issues | β˜…1 2019-6-29
  4. Raspberry PI Zero Wi-Fi Test | β˜…1 2019-6-23
  5. F3 Test of Microdata 32GB Micro SD Card | β˜…0 2019-6-22
  6. My Sad Experience With Raspberry Pi Zero WH | β˜…1 2019-6-21
  7. Running IPFS Node On A Raspberry Pi Zero | β˜…1 2019-6-8
  8. Gentoo Xorg Config For Two Layouts on Gentoo β˜…0 2019-5-30
  9. Hosting Simple Static Site on Appengine Standard for Free β˜…1 2019-4-25
  10. Evaluate the Risk of Browser Extension Before Installing It by Reading the Source Code β˜…2 2019-4-24
  11. Request Kitchen Extension For FireFox And Chromium | β˜…0 2019-3-1
  12. matrix-js-peek-into-room.js β˜…0 2018-11-15
  13. Ways of Handling Rejected Promises in JavaScript | β˜…1 2018-8-26
  14. How to Configure Hapi Style Guide β˜…0 2018-5-17
  15. How To Use Golang Framer? β˜…0 2018-1-13
  16. Why My .tk Site Was Deleted by Freenom? β˜…0 2017-9-27
  17. ilyaigpetrov β˜… β˜…1 2017-6-12
  18. β˜…0 2017-1-28
  19. Win10 for Slow PCs | β˜…10 2016-10-17
  20. АргумСнты ΠΏΡ€ΠΎΡ‚ΠΈΠ² Ρ†Π΅Π½Π·ΡƒΡ€Ρ‹ β˜…1 2015-12-20
  21. Meteor Alternatives Per Feature β˜…120 2015-10-17
  22. Client/Server Data Synchronization Solutions β˜…6 2015-10-16
  23. C vs Java for Graph Traversal β˜…1 2015-9-22
  24. Retrieve .pyc Grammar from Python's Sources β˜…2 2015-8-12
  25. ASP.NET vs Node.js for Backend Programming β˜…164 2015-8-11

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byaakdigital commented Oct 12, 2020

I would love to generate one article for my company called byaak digital-Nepal's top digital & internet marketing agency @birgunj

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ilyaigpetrov commented Oct 12, 2020

@byaakdigital, if you ask for help then, please, provide more details or questions. You may publish your article in a format supported by GitHub (markdown is the most popular and GitHub Flavored Markdown supports some subset of html tags). You may play with markdown by experimenting on a secret gist with a file with extension .md or in an online markdown editors like or If you ask for something other then help, then, please, elaborate.

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