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What's wrong with Nokia 📱 | by

What's wrong with Nokia

A recent information leak revealed that Nokia helps Russian authorities to "build and install technologies on telecom networks that facilitate lawful intercepts". While it's not a problem for many democratic countries it's certainly a problem for Russia because, I believe, Russian laws and corresponding surveillance infrastructure are created to be abused for the purpose of power usurpation. Such kind of surveillance is against human rights.

Speaking less formally: Nokia helps the Kremlin to build gas vans to fight political opposition in Russia.

Acts of surveillance abuse in Russia

In 2016 telegram accounts of activists Oleg Kozlovsky and Georgy Alburov were hacked thanks to MTS mobile operator aiding in SMS interception.

Telegram suspects the Russian authorities were behind the episode in order to get information about the activists’ communications.


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ghost commented Jun 9, 2021

Thanks for the important information.

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