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Teaser tasks for Buddycloud-MUC translat-o-matic

We've arranged a few "teaser tasks". These help you understand XMPP, Buddycloud and help us understand your skill level and how well you would "fit" as a GSOC student.

We're here to support you. If you need help starting, you can ask questions in the MUC.

Fix a bug

One of the best ways it to try and fix a bug/issue or kink in the system.

Look for "Contributor's wanted" (or if you are feeling brave, other issues) in the following projects:

Then prepare a fix and submit a pull request.

Help testing

We have a rather complete test suite at (souce at But there are always more tests to be written. If you are feeling brave reach out to us and we can help you write tests.

Write a small app

Run your own Buddycloud instance (either install it yourself or setup a hosted test environment at and hack on a small applicaiton that works with Buddycloud. For example (source is an AngularJS based Buddycloud app that uses XMPP-ftw

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