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How to beta test Octopress 2.1 (including link logs)

Before you get started

Be aware this is a preview. Don't merge this into your main branch and run along using it. I've tested it a lot but there may be issues I'm unaware of. Create a test branch for your blog before you continue. When everything gets cleared up, I'll release this feature and you can pull from the master branch.

First be sure you have a remote pointing to the Octopress repository. git remote -v should return something like this:

octopress      git:// (fetch)

If not, you'll want to add a remote with git remote add octopress git://

Using the 2.1 branch

Create a test branch for your local Octopress blog and pull the latest from the octopress/linklog branch and update your blog.

git checkout -b 2.1
git pull octopress 2.1
rake update_source
rake update_style

If you have merge conflicts, deal with those before you continue.

Read the docs

You can begin posting linked posts but you might want to learn about the new configurations


Share your feedback.

I want to know what you like and don't like with this update. What do you think about the styling? What about the variable names for the configuration options? Thanks!

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spier commented Jan 20, 2013

I am a bit confused about which version of octopress actually contains the linklog feature? I read about it in the documentation, so I thought it is part of the latest release. Reading this here it sounds like the linklog feature is only available in the linklog branch. Can you clarify? Thanks.

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chrisfinazzo commented Apr 21, 2013

@spier, Same here.

I tried it with my own blog today and the titles for these posts still point to my own site, so it may be that it's not fully baked, even if its part of the documentation.

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blackbird014 commented Jun 16, 2013

The preview is not working
rake preview starts guard instead of webrick
do i miss something?

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theory commented Aug 5, 2013

The 2.1 branch is gone. There is a linklog branch, but it's currently 145 commits behind master. :-(

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