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"Jasenovac concentration camp" partial translation and analysis

Jimbo, let me try to illustrate the problem using the hr.wikipedia article on the Jasenovac concentration camp []

Of course that the revisionists could not just delete the article and deny the Jasenovac ever happened, because that would cost them credibility. Instead they try to twist and relativize the facts by inserting irrelevant and controversial half-truths (or half-lies), copy pasted from biased and, at best, questionable sources. They mix facts with revisionist’s propaganda interpretations in an effort not to make the matter clear but to confuse the reader and to make their lies and fabrications plausible.

The way they did this in the example of Jasenovac was by trying to equalize, in every way possible, the atrocities committed by the Nazi collaborationist regime and its military formations with the post WW2 Yugoslav communist regime and its WW2 antifascist army - The Partisans. For that purpose in this article they used numerous biased sources from right wing media (!), pseudoscience propaganda journals and websites to "scientific" works from state sponsored Croatian historians manufacturing wartime propaganda rubbish during the 1990's War of Independence.

The original article in Croatian can be found here:

I'll translate a few passages from the article and let them speak for themselves:

"Hiding behind the major atrocities that had been committed by the Axis satellite regime, which was publicly condemned by Archbishop Alojzije Stepinac, yugo-communist regime continued to use this camp's facilities until the year of 1947./1948. This fact was a state secret for more than half of a century and was known only by top officials, the camp personnel, local residents and the families of the surviving inmates. Even after that (after half of century, I presume), the communist utilization of the camp was scientific taboo. Therefore, Jasenovac concentration camp was the camp used by two totalitarian regimes: First by Ustashe from 1941 until April, 1945, then from May, 1945 until 1947/1948 by Communists. The clearing up of the camp lasted until 1951. [11]"

[11] is a web article made by "Grave marking society for war and post war victims" (?!?) presented at "2nd Croatian congress of victimology" (?!?) by Ljubica Štefan in 1998. Croatian Wikipedia has an article about the Mrs. ŠtefanŠtefan, talking about her as a historian, when in fact she was a Slavic studies graduate, graduated in Belgrade in 1949. She was regarded a highly controversial author. The first controversy was about Jasenovac, and the other was about her trying to convince the world that the Nikola Tesla was in fact a Croat, not a Serb. (?!?)

"About the number of victims of the Jasenovac concentration camp, their religious and national distribution, the estimates and presumptions differ:

481 is the only number empirically confirmed during the so-called anthropological research when the excavations took place at the Jasenovac work camp. [missing source]" (!!!)

To put things in perspective, duly noted within the article itself, just below this out-of-context and out-of-reason number, it is quoted that Franjo Tuđman, the first President of the Republic of Croatia, a historian by profession, estimated the number to be 60.000-70.000, that the official number of the Jasenovac Memorial Area is 80.914, while the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington estimates that the number is 77.000-99.000.

Later in text the "anthropological research" is mentioned further and it stands:

"In 1960's the so-called anthropological research was performed within the Jasenovac labor camp which was to confirm the mass killing within the Jasenovac labor camp. After thorough research only 681 skeletons was found, amongst them the majority was found to be deceased from an epidemic disease"

The passage continues to describe in detail how the pro-communist researchers 20 years after the fact failed to recover thousands of skeletons presumed to be buried within the concentration camp. The research was done in 1964, lasted for only 8 days and the only source authors have for this claims is a book published in 1990. This passage detailing the "research" accounts for roughly 10% of the entire article (!).

In the section "Controversies" the Jasenovac "Myth" is further "demolished" by the revisionists:

"Many of the sources are falsified - the names of the people that died in exile in El Shatt (Africa) and South Italy were added to the Jasenovac victims list [28], (as well as names of) those killed as Partisans and those killed by Germans, Italians, Partisans and Chetniks, sometimes even at their own doorsteps, [29] the names of Chetniks killed on the Yugoslav territory, [28] the names of the killed Ustashas, [28] (the names of those) died in Anglo-American bombers [30] and even the names of the living persons, for instance three living man from Siverić [31]."

(Sorry for the messy translation above, you should see the original rubbish)

[30] is apparently a credible historian source, but I'm not able to confirm the accuracy of the interpretation of the source within the article. However, that cannot be said for the rest of the references.

[28] is a Croatian newspaper article from Slobodna Dalmacija, the same owner owns Jutarnji List.

[29] and [31] are from the same highly questionable source -, the right wing portal which currently on its front page contains an panegyric for the late Croatian terrorist Zvonko Bušić who committed suicide a few days ago. English Wikipedia writes "Zvonko Bušić (23 January 1946 – 1 September 2013) was a Croatian nationalist, responsible for hijacking TWA Flight 355 in September 1976. He was subsequently convicted of air piracy and spent 32 years in prison in the United States before being released on parole and deported in July 2008.", as you can check for yourself here: "šić". However, HKV describes him as a Patriot, Idealist, brave and noble person, as you can check here, courtesy of Google translate.

The "debunking" goes on:

"The number of authentic photographs about the camp from the period of 1941-1945 is very small, (as) Yugoslav authorities right after the war promptly engaged in photoforgery (???) So today "known" and "recognizable" quasi photos from Jasenovac are carved in the sub consciousness of the people. Dragoje Lukić and Anton Miletić, authors of the exhibition at the Jasenovac Memorial did not exhibit the photos in their original form, but instead they manipulated with the photos which did not have any connections with the Jasenovac concentration camp. Working alongside them were many scientific "authorities" which presented the twisted historical "facts" to the domestic and international public."

And on (also hard to translate because of grammatical and semantic errors within the text):

"The photo from Sisak", F-11, was often used to illustrate the crimes in Jasenovac, but it's connection with Jasenovac was never justified. The photo was published in "Vijesnik" No. 25 (newspapers) dated 19.05.1945., after the "Croatian state radio station Zagreb" (the fascist one) reported during the one of its final news bulletins that the Partisans killed around 400 citizens during entering the Sisak city, so "Vjesnik" 13 days after reports with headline "Ustashas slaughters on the night before their retreat killed 400 citizens and peasants" [32]. Partisans photographed their own victims and alleged the killings to be the work of the "Ustashas regime" [33]. Due to a large number of forgeries committed by the Partisans, the errors are inevitable. After the Križni put the Partisans killed unspecified number of Domobran and Ustashe soldiers in the Jasenovac [34]"

For Križni put, see

[34] is a citation from no less than before mentioned Croatian newspaper Jutarnji List, "Jutarnji List is a tabloid newspaper and as such they need to have sensationalist and controversial articles to keep their circulation up" as Vodomar claimed.

[32] and [33] are also questionable, coming from the right wing Catholic Church newspaper.

And in the end of the article we can find this in "Jasenovac Chronicle" section:

"On Ante Pavelić's birthday, 14.06.1944 170 of inmates were released from the camp. [35][36] During the 1944 350 persons were pardoned. On Christmas 1944 500 persons were released, and on the day of the NDH, 10.04.1945. 400 were pardoned, [35][36] just two weeks before the breakout. Few hundreds of inmates (800-900)[36] were exchanged with prisoners of Partisans, as was Andrija Hebrang (Famous Communist, later dissident and executed). Also, Jasenovac was also the refugee camp. [36] Thousands of Croatians took shelter in Jasenovac running from Chetniks (I.e. 1500-2000 of Croats from Donji Lapac and Boričevci came to Jasenovac on 21 of November 1941, later to be relocated in Slavonia)...

...The camp had to have some life of its own, or an appearance of life. According to the book of Milko Riffer, "The city of the dead, Jasenovac 1943" [35], published in 1946. there was even an orchestra and various plays and spectacles were shown [37][38] and every workshop had its own footbal team and jersey [38]...

Yea, I can also imagine a few football matches in Auschwitz as well...

All in all these revisionist text passages account for more than 30% of the original text and it made me very sick just to translate it, the whole time asking myself what was in the heads and hearts of people who wrote this.

Can you guess who were amongst the major contributors for this article? Let me help you a little: Vodomar and Rovoobo, our "naive" commentators from above.

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