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Last active August 29, 2015 14:20
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" Settings
set noautofocus
set cncpcompletion
set nosmoothscroll
set nohud
set autohidecursor
set typelinkhints
let scrollduration = 10
let searchlimit = 40
let searchengine mdn = ""
let searchengine stackoverflow = ""
let searchalias s = "stackoverflow"
let searchalias g = "google"
let qmark a = ["", ""]
let qmark b = ["", "", "", ""]
" Mappings
unmap a
map as :tabopen github @1995eaton/
map <C-d> scrollDown
map <C-e> scrollUp
map <A-r> nextTab
map <A-e> previousTab
map <C-f> :file /home/jake/
map <C-s> openLastHint
map <C-Space> :execute gfgf<CR>
map <C-g> :set smoothscroll!<CR>
map <C-u> rootFrame
map <C-h> :set hud!<CR>
map gb :buffers<Space>
map aa :tabopen g<Space>
map W l
map Q h
map af F
map <Space> l
map <S-Space> h
map ad z<Enter>
map T :tabopen<CR>
map , :set numerichints!<CR>
map ga :settings<CR>
let blacklists = ["*","*"]
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