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imfht / iso_3166.json
Created Oct 17, 2019
chinese to iso 3166 code.
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{"阿富汗": "AF", "奥兰群岛": "AX", "阿尔巴尼亚": "AL", "阿尔及利亚": "DZ", "美属萨摩亚": "AS", "安道尔": "AD", "安哥拉": "AO", "安圭拉": "AI", "南极洲": "AQ", "安提瓜和巴布达": "AG", "阿根廷": "AR", "亚美尼亚": "AM", "阿鲁巴": "AW", "澳大利亚": "AU", "奥地利": "AT", "阿塞拜疆": "AZ", "巴哈马": "BS", "巴林": "BH", "孟加拉国": "BD", "巴巴多斯": "BB", "白俄罗斯": "BY", "比利时": "BE", "伯利兹": "BZ", "贝宁": "BJ", "百慕大": "BM", "不丹": "BT", "玻利维亚": "BO", "波黑": "BA", "博茨瓦纳": "BW", "布维岛": "BV", "巴西": "BR", "英属印度洋领地": "IO", "文莱": "BN", "保加利亚": "BG", "布基纳法索": "BF", "布隆迪": "BI", "柬埔寨": "KH", "喀麦隆": "CM", "加拿大": "CA", "佛得角": "CV", "开曼群岛": "KY", "中非": "CF", "乍得": "TD", "智利": "CL", "中国": "CN", "圣诞岛": "CX", "科科斯(基林)群岛": "CC", "哥伦比亚": "CO", "科摩罗": "KM", "刚果(布)": "CG", "刚果(金)": "CD", "库克群岛": "CK", "哥斯达黎加": "CR", "科特迪瓦": "CI", "克罗地亚": "HR", "古巴": "CU", "塞浦路斯": "CY", "捷克": "CZ", "丹麦": "DK", "吉布提": "DJ", "多米尼克": "DM", "多米尼加": "DO", "厄瓜多尔": "EC", "埃及": "EG", "萨尔瓦多": "SV", "赤道几内亚": "GQ", "厄立特里亚": "ER", "爱沙尼亚": "EE", "埃塞俄比亚": "ET", "福克兰群岛(马尔维纳斯)": "FK", "法罗群岛": "FO", "斐济": "FJ", "芬兰": "FI", "法国": "FR", "法属圭亚那": "GF"
imfht / edu_ips.txt
Created Apr 15, 2019
View edu_ips.txt
imfht / webscantest[dot]cn_index.html
Created Feb 18, 2019
webscantest[dot]cn index.html
View webscantest[dot]cn_index.html
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title> -在线靶场漏洞测试(beta)</title>
.button {
display: block;
background: #4E9CAF;
padding: 10px;
imfht / nmap_top_port.txt
Created Jan 24, 2019
View nmap_top_port.txt
/Users/jinxufang/.virtualenvs/PunkScanner/bin/python /Users/jinxufang/ShareToVMWin/PycharmProjects/PunkScanner/
nmap top1000: 1,3-4,6-7,9,13,17,19-26,30,32-33,37,42-43,49,53,70,79-85,88-90,99-100,106,109-111,113,119,125,135,139,143-144,146,161,163,179,199,211-212,222,254-256,259,264,280,301,306,311,340,366,389,406-407,416-417,425,427,443-445,458,464-465,481,497,500,512-515,524,541,543-545,548,554-555,563,587,593,616-617,625,631,636,646,648,666-668,683,687,691,700,705,711,714,720,722,726,749,765,777,783,787,800-801,808,843,873,880,888,898,900-903,911-912,981,987,990,992-993,995,999-1002,1007,1009-1011,1021-1100,1102,1104-1108,1110-1114,1117,1119,1121-1124,1126,1130-1132,1137-1138,1141,1145,1147-1149,1151-1152,1154,1163-1166,1169,1174-1175,1183,1185-1187,1192,1198-1199,1201,1213,1216-1218,1233-1234,1236,1244,1247-1248,1259,1271-1272,1277,1287,1296,1300-1301,1309-1311,1322,1328,1334,1352,1417,1433-1434,1443,1455,1461,1494,1500-1501,1503,1521,1524,1533,1556,1580,1583,1594,1600,1641,1658,1666,1687-1688,170
imfht /
Created Jan 21, 2019
#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
import requests
import time
import sys
payloads = list('abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789@_.')
imfht / transport.go
Created Nov 1, 2018
modified transport. can visit a domain IPv4 only or IPv6 only.
View transport.go
// Copyright 2011 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// HTTP client implementation. See RFC 7230 through 7235.
// This is the low-level Transport implementation of RoundTripper.
// The high-level interface is in client.go.
package http
imfht / httpdns.go
Created Sep 4, 2018 — forked from fangdingjun/httpdns.go
use dnspod's httpdns service to query dns
View httpdns.go
package main
import (
imfht / gist:af5970a3799b6064964fd5294499ec06
Created Aug 19, 2018 — forked from evilpacket/gist:3628941
Top 1000 from Alexa Top 1million
View gist:af5970a3799b6064964fd5294499ec06
wget -q;unzip; awk -F ',' '{print $2}' top-1m.csv|head -1000 > top-1000.txt; rm top-1m.csv*
imfht /
Created Jun 30, 2018 — forked from xrstf/
Nutch 2.3 + ElasticSearch 1.4 + HBase 0.94 Setup


This guide sets up a non-clustered Nutch crawler, which stores its data via HBase. We will not learn how to setup Hadoop et al., but just the bare minimum to crawl and index websites on a single machine.


  • Nutch - the crawler (fetches and parses websites)
  • HBase - filesystem storage for Nutch (Hadoop component, basically)
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from thrift.transport import TSocket
from thrift.transport import TTransport
from thrift.protocol import TBinaryProtocol
from hbase import Hbase
from hbase.ttypes import ColumnDescriptor, Mutation
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