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Looking for a job
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View CLion can not find headers after Mac

It can simply be solved by visiting:

Tools > CMake > Reset Changes and Reload Project

My first thought was to check command line tools, which usually caused problems on Mac OS after upgrade; However, the tools was installed correctly.

Fortunately, there were people having same issue like me.

imgarylai / Edit MJML in JetBrains family
Created Nov 23, 2019
Edit MJML in JetBrains family IDE
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MJML is one of the best frameworks to help developers write a responsive email template. The syntax is easy to learn. The code can be organized easily. The documentation provides many example scenarios for developers to create the template by the need.

Unfortunately, there is no good plugin supporting mjml syntax in JetBrains IDE. However, it is not too bad. It is easy to configure it by yourself to make it easier to write the template in the IDE. I will use Rubymine as an example.

First of all, since mjml is like HTML syntax. We can make the IDE recognize the *.mjml files as HTML code first. Also, since variables will be passed to the template, and we want to use ERB tag in the template. We should make the IDE recognize the MJML file type as RHTML by adding *.mjml to Preferences > Editor > File Types > Recognized File Types > RHTML.


There is one more step to make the IDE more powerful. We also want the