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Discussion about extension manager ACP module location
<imkingdavid> i'm not sure I like the extensions manager in the system tab. IMO we should rename the Styles tab to "Customize" (okay, fine: "Customise") and put both the styles management and extensions management areas there
<unknownbliss> Not really, as prosilver doesn't customise your board, its part of the default yet you refresh it etc there
<imkingdavid> unknownbliss: but you customise your board by changing the styles you have installed
<unknownbliss> Its more of a maintenance/system thing
<imkingdavid> and you customise it by installing extensions
<imkingdavid> just like the Customisations database has both MODs and Styles
<unknownbliss> that i agree
<imkingdavid> so I don't think we should hide the extensions manager in the obscure System tab
<unknownbliss> except the styles module does more then customise, its provides settings for what already exists
<imkingdavid> hang on, I'll post an rfc so we can discuss this properly
<imkingdavid> :D
<bantu> EXreaction: Blame psoTFX ;-)
<unknownbliss> imkingdavid: you can't post an rfc for something that isn't merged yet
<unknownbliss> lol
<EXreaction> bantu, what did he do?
<bantu> EXreaction: rewrite pagination
<unknownbliss> can we merge extensions admin now, then worry about moving stuff later?
<EXreaction> ah, lol
<bantu> EXreaction: for 3.1
<EXreaction> I feel like extensions admin could even go under system->automation
<imkingdavid> unknownbliss: I'm typing it up but I can hold off on posting until it's merged if that wuold make you feel better :P ;)
<unknownbliss> imkingdavid: it would. :)
<imkingdavid> i don't feel like extensions are a System related item.
<nickvergessen> Add a Tab Extensions?
<unknownbliss> for one module....
<unknownbliss> ?
<imkingdavid> well as it is, the Styles tab only has two modules
<nickvergessen> "one"
<EXreaction> maybe an extensions tab would be good, then extensions could add modules under it
<nickvergessen> f.e
<imkingdavid> well, a lot of extensions would probably add their own category/tab
<EXreaction> not many mods added their own tab
<unknownbliss> We already have a .MODs hidden module
<imkingdavid> oh, the styles tab added a purge cache module, so that makes 3. Anyway, I feel like it would not be out of place if we make a customisations Tab in the ACP. It would then make it more fluid when we eventually allow installing MODs and styles from the CBD
<imkingdavid> s/when/if/
<imkingdavid> unknownbliss: speaking of which, would that be better renamed to .EXTs?
<EXreaction> the .mods should not be renamed for comaptibility
<EXreaction> compatibility even
<unknownbliss> imkingdavid: seperate RFC. :P
<nickvergessen> okay short and bad idea
<unknownbliss> EXreaction: BC is not a concern
<nickvergessen> create a tab "Customize" and add styles mods and extensions there
<EXreaction> well, it should not break installers, a lot of installers rely on a .mods tab
<EXreaction> we shouldn't break things for such little reason
<nickvergessen> EXreaction: with migrations coming this will be broken anyway
<nickvergessen> and we could just change the content
<nickvergessen> and use the ".MODs" tab
<EXreaction> the content?
<unknownbliss> erm... actually we can set it so .MODs still exists, just add a new .EXTs and don't install a .MODs if it doesn't exist (new installs)
<nickvergessen> the content of the language string
<unknownbliss> but this is all totally out of the remit of the extensions admin....
<EXreaction> I do not think there is any harm in just leaving .MODs alone, if it's not used, then it will stay hidden
<nickvergessen> well unknownbliss would be cool to have that all in one place
<EXreaction> a new tab called Extensions could be made and extensions would use that going forward
<unknownbliss> nickvergessen: yes, but that will be done as part of the new rfc which will be about changing the tabs around?
<EXreaction> or it be merged with styles somehow and extensions continue to use .MODs
<EXreaction> styles is pretty empty in it's own tab
<imkingdavid> well, i'll post an RFC for this so we can discuss it further once what is currently ready is merged, unless significant issues come up before it can be merged, in which case this can be done then as well
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